Last week I was asked when was the last time I was in Switzerland. Instantly I responded.

August 2015.

The follow up question was much tougher. Back then did I realise it was going to be my last trip, certainly for many years.

Not officially. Some vague discussions briefly mentioned about another family trip in a years time. Maybe that next time we could take Hawklad’s Granny for one last visit, her husband’s ashes are scattered here. But this time it felt different to me, it felt like times were changing. Some things can’t be avoided for too long. So I walked those Swiss paths and kinda realised things might be very different if another trip happened.

Hawklad’s mum clearly had things on her mind as well. Without any warning, on one walk she pointed to a spot and with a matter of fact tone, quietly whispered. “You can scatter some of my ashes here one day”.

A day later on a Swiss train to Grindelwald she mentioned another place in Switzerland where she wanted Ashes scattered. Same location as her Dad.

You sometimes never join the dots up…

Now the next trip will be very different. But one day when Hawklad is ready, we will venture back. A very different family now.

18 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Do you think your partner had a premonition? Or was it one of those things people say sometimes for no particular reason. I believe we should speak such things as trying to do the right thing when you’ve not been given any idea can be really hard. I think when you and Hawklad make that trip it will be very special for you both. XX

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  2. Thank you for sharing this so beautifully and with such vulnerable honesty, Gary. I can only imagine and empathize with how you must’ve felt during that conversation and in hindsight now. I hope that you and Hawklad can make the visit one day when he is ready.

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  3. I believe that when you and Hawklad finally make that trip, it will be like discovering for the first time. The sense of awe and wonder will be so enormous. There will be memories, yes… but even the mountains change a little with time.
    I’m excited to someday see New pictures of you both (maybe just your shoes 😉) standing on those mountains!🥳💃🏼💌💌💌💌💌


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