Must be time for another Sunday walk down memory lane. A virtual trip to alpine heaven. SWITZERLAND. This one takes us back to 2012, where did those years go.

A family adventure started with a certain young child wanting to try this cool looking drink, available at the train station. I can’t think why he wasn’t allowed it….

The spectacular Aare Gorge is a just under 2km long with a narrow, raised walkway along one side of the vertical cliffs. It lies just a short distance from the infamous Reichenback Falls where Sherlock Holmes fell into the abyss with Moriaty. At times the Gorge narrows to just a few feet wide. All this accompanied by the sound of a deafening river, crashing through the the narrow rock gap below. Definitely not a place for claustrophobics, but definitely an absolute thrill ride. At night it must be a truly terrifying place. Tiny Hawklad absolutely loved it, he was convinced that monsters and sea creatures must live here, sadly he didn’t managed to capture any on his little toy camera. But it’s still a location he talks about today. Maybe soon he can go back again. Let’s hope so.

58 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Yes, it’s still a bit close. I once got stuck in the reconstruction of a lead mine in the museum at Matlock. Didn’t notice the claustrophobia as the embarrassment blocked it out. 😦


  1. It was a good call to not give Hawklad the drink. All that sugary ingredients can’t be good for him. 😆

    I love that you shared a different side of Switzerland this time, those pictures look claustrophobic indeed but must’ve been so cool to experience. Love the connection to Sherlock Holmes. I knew about the infamous scene but I didn’t realize it was set in Switzerland.


  2. Wonderful pictures of the gorge. I can almost hear the water rushing by. I am sort of claustrophic but I think as long as there is an opening to the sky it’s not so bad. I would want to go back too. You will one day….soon!


  3. I love walking along rivers and creeks and watching how they change their appearance. You picked a fantastic day for that trip. Unfortunately, it is not around the corner but I will put the Aare Gorge on my list!


  4. Wow! Just wow! I am a tad claustrophobic, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying that awesome walk! What wonderful experiences to have had! No wonder Hawklad remembers it and wants to return. I fervently hope you’re able to return – maybe next summer?


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