Looking out on a Yorkshire evening scene and the clouds are rolling in. Yes it’s been sunny at times with blue skies but it’s just not a Swiss sky. It’s something Hawklad talks about, just how BLUE a blue sky is in Alpine heaven.

It’s a breathtaking colour with seemingly so little air pollution to cloud the view. Now I’m thinking about the clean fresh air, I know it sounds strange to say this but breathing in The Alps is just seems better, healthier.

And even when the weather closes in, Switzerland is just perfect. I so hope it’s not too long before we get the chance to experience these special gifts again real soon.

33 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. My friend, I thought of you and Hawklad when recently my twin and I met a couple from Switzerland. They were touring my little tourist area here in SW MO. We had such a beautiful conversation with them and I took their picture! We asked them, “How do you say cheese in Swiss?” We we’re all giggling 🤭. They said, “Swiss Cheese” as we took their picture. I absolutely will never stop dreaming of Switzerland. The sky is a perfect blue!!! God’s blessings to you both! 💛💛🙏🏻


  2. Today is a gloomy Sunday over in my part of the world but it sure does not look like the gray day over in Switzerland. 😆 Such a beautiful place. I truly hope you and Hawklad get to revisit one day soon, Gary.


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