2013 October.

Where did those years go.

A family break to Wonderful Switzerland during the October School Half Term. One morning where the clouds dominated. We caught a bus to a remote village a few miles away from Lake Thun. That bus ride made me smile so much. Every time someone got on the bus they greeted everyone with a cheerful hello as they found a seat, I could get use to that. After the bus ride we found ourselves walking through farmland, rolling hills, heading back towards the Lake.

We found eventually ourselves at a lakeside hamlet just in time to catch the ferry for a leisurely trip back towards Spiez.

Definitely a good day, but was it really 9 years ago.

33 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Don’t ask this friend a maths question, for nine years can be so subjective in the mind. Today I made a cup of syrupy porridge. I can’t count the years it’s been since my father made a cup of porridge for uz, for it seems like it was today and not so many years. He’d make porridge and then put some in a cup with plenty of milk, so that I could drink it and get ready. ☕ Years or days, days or just now, it’s no good to ask uz about length o’ piece o’ string.


      1. I know this one: A cosine is when someone on Judge Judy gets told, that they’ve to pay, because they signed with someone who couldn’t get credit (because of their bad credit rating) and owe for a car or a truck or white goods or…


      1. You can’t be all that grumpy if you’re laughing…. 🤣 I don’t believe that you’re so grumpy. Plus, you kind of gave the plot away when you wrote “that bus ride made me smile all the way.” I’m on to you Superdad…. Superdad isn’t the curmudgeon he wants the world to believe he is. Curmudgeon… there’s a word people don’t use enough. Keep smiling. 😁


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