As a kid, I felt trapped in a northern costal town. A town surrounded by sea and industry. Back in those days, travel was a rarity in this hard working environment. Money was tight, dreams confined. Like many from that windy, smokey town, we felt cut off from the world. The only world we had was what we could see and touch, which wasn’t much.

But one snotty nosed kid with big Joe 90 glasses (look that one up 🤣🤣🤣) would walk into town every Saturday morning. Armed with money from Dad to buy cod off the returning fishing boats. He would spend some time waiting for the boats to land on the beaches in the Amusements. Watching other kids play the latest versions of Space Invaders or PAC-MAN. But before that he would be found in the Town’s library, sat by the indoor goldfish pond (yep the library had one). Looking at pictures in mountaineering books, of exotic places, of exhilarating adventures. A life completely different to that found in this isolated, grey place. One place really captivated him. A magical looking place called Switzerland. One mountain hooked him. It looked ominous, it looked foreboding. Reading tales of heroism and tragedy on its sheer ice filled walls. He dreamt of being there, standing next to The Eiger.

Never in his wildest dreams did that kid ever imagine that decades later that seaside town would be history. He would have visited on many occasions that magical Swiss landscape, it was even better than he ever imagined AND his son would stand under the mighty Eiger.

You just never know what paths will open up when the time is right.

51 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. How about a newly built family home in a very central location in Meiringen. It’s got a huge living / dining area with a designer kitchen to help with the bake offs. 5.5 rooms (not sure what a half room looks like) in 124 m² and built with the most modern equipment & materials. Said to be “suitable for everyone” so Captain Chaos will feel at home too. The price is on request, but has been placed in the section of under £272,021 on the website.
    Balmgässli 3860 Meiringen, BE


      1. Perhaps that’s what will happen, you’ll go to live in peace in the mountains. Then one day you will be putting out your washing and thinking how wonderful that day is.


  2. I grew up in Detroit, and our travel was to my grandparents’ farm in northern Michigan (to help). I spent Saturdays in the public library, drawn to books about lives different from my own. Laura Ingalls Wilder was one of my favorite authors, and I imagined life on the prairie. Years later, I lived in Manitoba, Canada, surrounded by prairie and the vast openness I yearned for as a child. One never knows where life will lead or how childhood dreams can become reality.


  3. There’s a line in the movie, A Knight’s Tale, where a young boy, leaving home for the first time, asks his father, “How will I find my way home?” and the father answers, “Just follow your feet>” I love that line. I hope you get to follow your feet back to Switzerland in the very near future. Thanks for allowing me to travel there virtually, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

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  4. “You just never know what paths will open up when the time is right.”

    This is so true, Gary. And the time and path will open up once again for you two to revisit one day soon! 🙏


  5. Yes, you just never know what dreams may come true in God’s perfect time. Keep dreaming Superdad! I love how you wrote this post. It’s a wonderful story that makes me smile and warms my heart. I’m glad that dream came true for you with the bonus blessimg of Hawklad standing under the Eiger. I wonder what’s up ahead for both of you? Stay out of the rain, both of you. ❤❤


      1. Umbrella dreams? Is that the one where you get dressed up like Mary Poppins and fly from roof top to roof top singing 🎵 “singing in the rain, I’m singing in the rain…. what a wonderful feeling
        I’m happy again.” 🎶 I have a bluesky umbrella you can borrow. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣


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