That’s a proper view from the hotel bedroom window…

So many beautiful deep blue sky family days in Switzerland. But every so often the weather closes in. For me that just makes this special place look even more special. I’m definitely dreaming about family trips here again, just need to wait for the right time.

That’s what you call a proper lake steamer

74 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday.

      1. Thank you, my dear friend. I don’t know when I have ever felt more hopeless in my life. Need that coffee more than ever … Switzerland, here we come!!! ❤


      2. Yes, let’s hope. Tonight, some neighborhood kids attacked my home, leaving huge dents in the door and breaking a window, not to mention damn near giving me and the kitties heart failure. What is this world coming to????? ❤


      3. I’m picturing a coffee shop … big floor-to-ceiling windows, and we look out the window to a snow-covered mountain top, even though directly outside the grass is green and children are singing and playing joyfully. Our coffee and maybe a scone are brought and we talk about … anything and everything from values to politics to religion to movies and music while we sip our coffee and munch our scone. Someday, mi amigo!


  1. Chuckin’ it down here today. Dreary. Cold. Damp. Oh and my friend is moving to a place that is at least 40mins drive away. I’m reet pissed off about that, but that today we will eat cake, carve pumpkins and put the world to rights.


  2. Such beautiful photos again, Gary. Although the last one would fit the season we have the exact opposite weather. For days we are wearing t-shirts again. Crazy!


      1. Sounds like it has become really cold. Over here we have a late autumn “heatwave” our temps go up to 14 – 16 °C for the coming days.


      2. Gosh, I really don’t hope. We already have new types of big spiders here which only appeared because of the higher temps. A cold winter with frost for several days would help a lot.


      1. It’s getting a little less brutal than it was initially but I continue to ride the waves. Sometimes they’re small and easily managed, other times not so much. But you know what I’m talking about.


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