Back to 2015 and our last family of 3 trip to Alpine Heaven, just before the world changed. A perfect deep blue sky week – almost. One slate grey day, so we heeded across the lake towards the closest mountain for a mini adventure. The Niederhorn is a relatively small mountain (6440ft) which seemed to be just below the cloud line.

A relatively small mountain here but way higher than anything the UK has got to offer. Memories are flooding back now. Chatting with Hawklad about how this mountain must kinda get overlooked sometimes in The Alps. Yet if the mountain packed it’s bags and moved to the UK it would be treasured, held in awe. Hawklad laughing at the thought of the Niederhorn needing to buy a waterproof coat for the weather in its new home.

Coats were definitely needed on this day. So was the hot chocolate and warming soup in the mountain top restaurant. But you know what, it was a fantastic adventure, Switzerland always is….

40 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I hope you never run out of photos to post – c’est magnifique! (No, I don’t speak French, except for a smattering I learned in high school, many moons ago). I especially love the photos of your son, I always do. 🙂 ALL your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

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  2. This is what I love about “bad” weather here: Going out, inhaling the different smells, being a little cold, and then having a hot meal or drink. That makes everything cozy and special.


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