May 2014. Yorkshire had gone the winter without any snow. Hawklad had almost forgotten what the white stuff was like. May was leaving it late, but finally a family holiday to Switzerland saved the day.

Hawklad got his winter playground.

Happy memories.

Switzerland is a special place, it generates happy memories.

43 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. What a look of sheer joy on his face in that third picture! I love it. Y’know, just looking at the pictures of the snow-covered mountains, the beautiful buildings, brings me a sense of calm, of peace. Someday …

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  2. The look of joy in his face as he got his snow fix that trip is priceless and melts my heart. We got a wallop of snow overnight over here so the coincidence with your post made me smile too. Happy Sunday to you both.


      1. I can see how that is a magical thing! I didn’t see snow until I was 8 when my family moved to Canada and it was a magical moment!


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