A time just before parenthood and I was sat in Departure Lounge at Zurich Airport, waiting for a plane back to England. Opposite was a young couple clearly waiting for the same plane. As we chatted they excitedly described their first venture into this wonderful land called Switzerland. I remember them saying that they had found a wonderland. They told a story about being caught out in heavy rain while walking and a local farmer brought them into his house for a warm drink. When the rain didn’t pass he drove them to the nearest train station.

Here’s the irony. Probably during the very same rainstorm, we were walking through beautiful Gstaad and guess what, yes the heavens truly opened. Proper RAIN. We tried to take shelter in the nearest doorway. Quickly the door opened and we were beckoned inside. In Swiss German we were told to ‘come inside before we got soaked’. We were treated to Italian coffee and cake as the storm passed over. Our hosts being truly kind and nice. I remember joking that if this had been England, the door would have been quickly bolted shut with us still outside. The smiling response said it all..

“Probably, but this is Switzerland and it’s just different here…”

It so is…..

And to be fair to Gstaad, every other time we have been there the weather has been perfect. Plus they do a mighty fine watermelon….


53 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Your pictures always take my breath away!!! And it seems the Swiss people know the true meaning and value of humanity. You said that in England, the door would have been barred … well, here in the U.S., someone would have likely come out with a gun and told you to leave now or suffer the consequences. People in Switzerland … ahhhhh, someday I hope to meet them, to sip coffee in one of those cafes, to walk through the villages … someday, my friend. Someday.

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      1. I didn’t realize that they allowed private gun ownership! How do they manage to keep gun violence away, to keep their populace safe? They must have some strict regulations? Sigh. I hate guns. I still love Switzerland, though!


  2. How fitting was this to read at this moment? Because as I woke, all I could hear was raindrops hitting my window. Yes it’s soaking rain .so thank you. Your story made the rain a bit more bearable .such ” wonderland” it is. And I don’t believe doors would open up here .lol! One more thing. What is an Italian cake? Happy New Year ❤️


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