It’s Sunday and it’s the perfect time to think dreamily of a place that means so much to our little family, Beautiful Switzerland.

I don’t know why but my mind went back to my first ever visit to this alpine heaven. We had just arrived at Geneva Airport on a deep blue sky day. I couldn’t get over seeing The Alps for the first time. Definitely even better than I had ever imagined. As we made our way through Passport Control, the Security Officer checking our ID was very formal with perfect English. He asked if this was the first time we had visited Switzerland. When I said it was my first time, the Officer looked at me and said.

“Trust me Sir, it WON’T BE YOUR LAST VISIT.

How right he was….

32 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I agree the first time seeing the Alps are something else. I only wish we had a longer first visit. I do hope to go back one of these days too. And hope you both get to do so as well!


  2. I’m not hooked. It was awesome to see the Alps, but also a little bit too intimidating to wake up to without warning (long story from after a night out). I prefer rolling hills and views of the sea.


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