When the memory becomes hazy with the passing years, photographs can come to the rescue. An August Friday back in 2015 and the photos bring the memories flooding back as if yesterday. I had forgotten the trip to Bern Zoo on what proved to be our last full day in Switzerland as a family of three. The moon appearing over The Alps accompanied by an old Street Organ playing just in front of the hotel balcony window. Exactly one year later Hawklad’s mum was in a hospice and life was changing.

No more words needed, will let the photos do the rest.

42 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Sometimes remembering dates can be torture. I do it myself and often make myself sad but just as often it;s with a smile and I think those who have left us would prefer us to smile.


  2. I’m currently doing a clear out, found things of sentimentality that no long make me happy. So I’m thanking those things and letting them go. I want to surround myself with things that help me be happy.


  3. Wow 😊 Such a wonderful trip. I love the photos of Hawklad enjoying the zoo. 🥰 Lovely memories. I’m sure there be more wonderful memories ahead. ❤


  4. Those pictures are beautiful, and they do make the memories bittersweet when a lost loved one is a part of the beauty of it all. It’s sad but so important at the same time. Hawklad looks so little.


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