One sweet vacation day in Switzerland and I can remember Hawklad being particularly pleased with himself. He was pleased because he could speak Swiss that day. Which one of the three official Swiss Languages that was, remained UNCLEAR.

I wasn’t quite who he had spoken to and what he had said in his new dialect. Maybe it was over breakfast when he told the waitress what he wanted to eat and drink. Maybe it was to the Guard on the train pulling up the mountain. Maybe it was at the ice cream stall in the shadow of The Alps.

It’s was such a wonderful day, a train to the famous high mountain pass, Kleine Scheidegg. The location for the Clint Eastwood movie, The Eiger Sanction. Shed loads of French fries and then a beautiful walk down to the valley below. Switzerland is such a special place, a place of dreams.

Finally on the train back Hawklad revealed his language breakthrough. The Swiss Swan he was feeding in the lake that morning apparently had understood him. Glad that was finally cleared up.

49 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Does he remember? I once heard a dog rummaging through my bin bag outside my French house in the night. I called out of the window telling him to go away. He ignored me. “Of course”, I thought, “he’s a French dog”. I translated my instruction. He did go away.


  2. Swiss Swan! I am impressed. Speaking to a swan in any language is an accomplishment. The scenery is just magnificent. I wouldn’t mind living in such a beautiful, clean, efficient and kind country!


      1. I am. The six-month mark is the day after tomorrow, so that brings the grief back like an untamed animal – but it also brings grace and gratitude for the life I shared with him.


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