What an adventure that day was. Another glorious Swiss day and a trip to the impressive Aare Gorge. Fantastic place but not if you are claustrophobic as it narrows to just a few feet wide.

I love looking at old photos because out of the blue, long forgotten moments can suddenly flood back in. Just like this last photo. Walking through the rapidly narrowing cliff walls and suddenly Hawklad stops and with a cheeky grin shouts back.

“Dad you better turn back, that big belly won’t get through here because it’s


He knows me way to well.

30 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. It’s nice that you have such a great relationship. That gorge is great. I have to be able to move my arms freely, don’t like enclosed spaces but as long as I can see sky, I’m OK. Makes me think of slot canyons in Utah. Happy time change Sunday!


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