We met so many wonderful characters on our family adventures to wonderful Switzerland. One Sunday afternoon we found ourselves in an Italian restaurant in Zermatt. We got speaking to an Italian waiter who was trying to learn English. He looked as weathered as the massive mountains surrounding the village. So he tried to have a conversation in English, bizarrely he would punctuate his sentences with random German words.

Anyway he mentioned that he had recently been skiing and he had bumped into a member of the UK Royal Family while waiting for a ski lift. The waiter found the Royal rather too arrogant for his liking. Apparently so unlike Roger Federar who was a very nice man. How he had met the tennis superstar was unfortunately lost in translation. The waiter then. The conversation went through a number of random turns. I remember Dr Who and the British Weather coming up. But one part of the conversation really struck home.

We asked if the waiter liked living in Zermatt. His stunning reply was

I spent my life wanting to see the world, now I live in Switzerland, I have found everything in one place. I am happy here. I work here, I take my holidays here.

Such a nice man and yes I so agree with him. I so wish I was in Switzerland right this very moment.

36 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. So beautiful. I have never been and I know you posted about Switzerland before and said I’d like it there. I hope one day is sooner rather than later.


  2. How wonderful to find all you need in one magical place. And how nice to meet that nice waiter. When you take time to communicate with such people, you can hear some wonderful stories, even if you can’t entirely understand.

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