Another random Swiss story today. One that to me is so very Swiss. One family holiday we had ventured to Zurich to visit the wonderful Dinosaur Museum and the City Zoo. A zoo sadly without BIG Jurassic Creatures.

Later in the day we returned to the city centre and we went looking to buy Hawklad a Schleich. Dinosaur Toy. The museums shop had been closed that day. We eventually ventured into a really cool looking Toy Shop but could not find any Dinos. So in very broken German, I asked a man who worked in the shop, where the Dino Toy Section was. In perfect English he told us that sadly his shop didn’t sell any thing like that, but there was another shop that did have. As it was quite hard to find and to make sure we found the rival shop, he walked with us for 5 minutes through the myriad of centre streets until we stood by its front entrance. Hawklad got his DINO.

That wouldn’t happen in the UK….

But it does in Switzerland.

I do miss this wonderful country.

34 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. It wouldn’t happen in Canada either. Capitalism is a horrid beast. I am glad Hawklad got his dinosaur toy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and memories of your time there. I hope all is well with both of you.


      1. I’ve been working a lot, so that keeps me occupied and it’s a joy to work with people who are funny, wise, and caring. They bring a lot of joy to my life and I am grateful. Thanks for your kindness. 🙂


  2. I just finished writing about 3 mass shootings here in the U.S. yesterday, and then I come to this post … I look at these gorgeous pictures … and I feel a sense of peace wash over me. Oh, but to live in a small village like the one in the pictures, to wake to the view of those beautiful mountains every day. Thank you, my friend, for helping me find a bit of peace this early morn, for giving me something happy and positive to think about. Hugs

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      1. I’m finding it hard these days to find the beauty in life, dear friend. I think the U.S. is on a path that can only lead to disaster. Sigh. Hugs


  3. I can’t think of another place where that would happen. No wonder you are in love with Switzerland! I like the picture of Hawklad with his head in the dino’s mouth!


  4. It’s wonderful when people go the extra mile to provide that wonderful customer experience. Glad Hawklad got his dinosaur, Gary.

    My next post is also thematically about dinosaurs and this made me smile. Made me feel like our two wonderful kids are hanging out! 😊🙏

    Enjoy your week ahead!


    1. One of my fondest memories of London was the time we stopped at a shop to ask directions and a customer told us to go to the corner, turn left and then left again at the next corner. We followed his directions and were happily walking down the second street when this same man came running up behind us (he had gone 2 blocks by then) to say we need to go to the next block (he had miscalculated his directions). “That would not happen in the states,” I commented to my traveling compasions. But maybe it happens everywhere and we don’t broadcast it enough. I remember being in D.C. and coming across a family from France looking terribly lost. They showed me on a map where they were trying to go, and I walked them there. Kindness is not dead; just not celebrated enough. (Just my thought.)


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