This week I came across my old iPod, stuck in an old suitcase side pocket. Unbelievably with a bit of that magic piped electricity, it still worked, hasn’t been used in maybe 8 years. When it had fired slowly up it revealed all the old movies and tv shows that Hawklad would watch on his Swiss holidays. Some classics

Old Scooby Doo

Wacky Races

Deadly Sixty episodes



Monsters Inc


My wanders back to those Swiss family evenings. After the hotel meal we would end up back in the room. While Hawklad watched his iPod , we would sit on the balcony and watch the sun go down over the mountains and the shimmering lake. Wonderful, talk about being relaxed.

I wish I could be doing that tonight but failing that, I think it’s time to watch some old classic tv. Where’s that iPod…..

29 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. These pictures are absolutely amazing, and yet, as I read your post, my heart hurts. It’s not lost on me that you say, “we” and your Hawklad would have been much younger… when those old pictures pop up in my memories, whether on the phone, on social media, or even in paper form, the memory lane gets a bit blurry from the tears. It’s bittersweet looking back, and today being Mother’s Day makes me think the memories are strong. Forgive me if I was presumptuous; however, if I was right, know you have someone saying a prayer for you tonight… 😉


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