It’s after midnight and I’m sat in front of heaps of geography papers and notes, trying to summarise it into last minute revision notes that Hawklad can use. Saxon playing on the record player, trying to keep awake. Typing this as I desperately needed a break. We are both completely frazzled, definitely stressed out. Wow do I wish we were somewhere else, playing out dreams, relaxed and having fun. Switzerland, wish we were there right now.

30 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I’m so glad for you and Hawklad that at least you have all these wonderful shots of Switzerland to browse through when the hours become unbearable. Being someone who dips into Pinterest with increasing regularity to look at beautiful countryside homes whilst chipping away at work and studies, I know the value of such needed meanderings.

    Plus, I believe that hopes and longings can become reality when you least expect it.


  2. When I had uni deadlines, all nighters, getting things finished before the next day, well I was quite mean to myself and used such songs as this one attached to get through it:


  3. I am so sorry to hear how stressed you both are. I hope soon this will be done. I can see how those beautiful mountains can take you away for a bit. And beautiful memories. Hugs❤️


  4. I am so sorry you’re so stressed out and I wish you could be in Switzerland, too. May the peace you experienced in the mountains return to bless and comfort you. Hang in there, my friend.


  5. Wow, those mountains are something else. Beautiful photos! Try to find something to laugh about each day. If there is nothing to make you laugh just you and Hawklad make game of it and see who can laugh the loudest or the best, or worst. Sometimes one needs to cut loose and be silly…


  6. This seems like a lovely break, Gary. Best wishes with this upcoming week of exams. You two can do it. So many people are rooting for Hawklad and you!


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