My Dad always wanted to be stamp collector but in his words – if we get stamps we can’t not afford to use them. Sadly the only stamps he ever had went on letters and parcels.

So he would have loved this parcel that was delivered to us. That’s a stamp collection started right there.

It’s a work of art.

Fast forward several decades since Dad left us and I’m not sure we are still spending any money on a stamp collection. Since Brexit prices here have been rising, especially fuel costs. We have a home oil heating system. Just a few years ago it cost about £250 to fill the tank. Since brexit that rose to over £500. Today it cost over £800. That’s serious money. We can still budget to cover this, sadly many families.

I was looking at the bills, shaking me head and then the awful news played out on the radio again. Living in this safe, warm house, we are truly fortunate. My heart bleeds for so many in this crazy world.