What are you doing….

We had walked the dog for a couple of miles when we came to an overgrown field. Not our usual route but son headed down this way when he noticed a group of walkers approaching in the other direction. Son stopped suddenly and examined one particular plant.

“Dad what colour do you think this will be when it blooms. The obvious colour would be pinky red. But you never know. We will need to keep coming back to check”

He started piling rocks up into a stack.

What are you doing……

“Making a cairn so we can identify the exact plant for our return visits to see Doris”

The plant is now called Doris. He always gives stuff that he likes or is interested in pet names. I think he may have got that from my mum. She did the same. But she was sneaky. She only used one pet name for everything. Pidge. Family, friends, pets, strangers you name it … all called Pidge. That way she never forgot a name.

From now on we will take this new route via Doris. It is now part of the daily routine and will be set in stone. These sort of things are so important to our son. Routine and focusing on particular themes and objects. I remember a Doctor who was extremely keen to find a course of treatment to help stop ‘the obsessive traits which are common in kids like your son’. The Doctor was clearly confused when we (son included) politely refused. It’s who he is. His personality. It’s our son. AND most importantly he likes the trait. Why should he change to fit in with societies blinkered viewpoint.

So in a few moments we are off to see Doris. You know what … I’m quite look forward to it as well.

Look what I’ve found

We’ve just done the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the garden. I’m sure we found one item which was put out for last years hunt!!!

It’s not much of a challenge for our son. Firstly the dog excitedly sprinting between each hiding place. Plus as our son said

Dad you do know you use exactly the same hiding places every year….”

With a touch of irony our Son hid my wallet somewhere in the garden. While searching I came across one random flower. What a beautiful find.

Aare Gorge


It’s Sunday so it must be time to visit Switzerland memories again. Still no free chocolate from the Swiss Tourist Board – I’m not stopping until I get something from them….It’s never going to happen…..

The Aare Gorge is close to the beautiful town of Meiringen.

For about a mile the River Aare cuts through a limestone rock mass.

At times the gorge is about 100ft wide but narrows to just a couple of feet.

Looking up at the sheer rock faces which loom over 150ft above. The almost orchestral sound of crashing water. It does feel like another world. Certainly a place for dreams and losing yourself.

Being Switzerland at the end of the walk you can enjoy a hot chocolate….

We had a breathtaking family adventure. Its only a mile but you come out feeling absolutely exhausted. It’s one of those places you need to try and visit once in your life. The place gets into your soul. My beautiful partner needing two hot chocolates before we headed towards the train. I remember a young son just falling in love with the place. Dreams of Viking Gods, Trolls and ancient times. These photos don’t go anywhere near capturing its magic.

Random Quotes

Things have been a crazy over last week or so. It’s either busy or being even more tired than usual. Can’t work out which. But I’ve been very remiss on responding to stuff. Sorry. Anyway let’s at least respond to one thing quickly.

Thank you to Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) for the Random Quotes. His quotes are epic. The subject is Attitude so let’s do some quotes.

Always try to get at least one of my heroes in. Time for some Carl Sagan.

“The really intelligent people have an attitude of fact finding rather than fault finding”

Next are from another person sadly not with us anymore. The one if a kind Lemmy (Motörhead).

I’ve been known as Lemmy since I was around 10. I didn’t always have the mustache … I’ve only had that since I was 11

“If you’re going to be a fucking rock star, go be one. People don’t want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet.”

One from the brilliant Stephen Fry

“Taste every fruit of every tree in the garden at least once. It’s an insult to creation not to experience it fully”.

My 3 tags for quotes about attitude are

Stella Bailey

A Pondering Mind

LOLSYS Library

Super Hero

It was another work day. Son stayed in the car mostly. Middle of nowhere so it was just us two. I could park the car right next to where I was working. So he was watching movies or dreaming or telling me what I was doing wrong. His day sounds so much better than my work one.

On the way back home.

Dad I’ve been thinking about a new Super Hero character. I think we need one who has Aspergers.”

So what is his or her special abilities.

I think it’s a her. You don’t often hear about girls with Aspergers in the movies tends to just be boys or men”

All Super Heroes have faults. Maybe not Captain America. But I think ours will be a bit of a loner. Might come across either shy or awkward in crowds. Avoiding close contact and certainly avoiding things like hugs. Will often believe what people tell her when people are joking. Always very anxious. The public might think our Super Hero is a bad person as she is seen as being different.”

Anyway her special abilities are:

  • Super senses – hearing, feeling, seeing
  • Super computer of a brain
  • Super memory
  • Super strength honesty
  • High pain threshold
  • Seeing things that other people can’t see
  • Solving number patterns
  • Super good at interrogation
  • Can sense who is good and who is bad
  • Interacting and communicating with animals
  • In tune with the natural world so can harness its awesomeness
  • Fuelled on Pizzas

Speaking of Pizza, how about an early pizza tea”

Who am I to argue with Superpowers. It’s Pizza time.


Son got his ice cream today. I got myself a slush puppy. The weather was that cold that the slushy never melted – 2 hours later it was still good to go.

Speaking to a local even he said “That sea wind is brutal today”

When I took my coat and gloves off I was like an ice cube.

On the drive back I had the heater on full blast. Still cold.

Needed the hottest of hot baths.

Have you ever been that cold that when you get into a steaming hot bath – you’re body is that frozen that within a couple of minutes the bath is only lukewarm.

Son was fine he stayed in the warm car watching downloaded movies. Can you work out what film he made me watch tonight … Ice Age.

Early morning coffee

Dad what time did you just say we have to leave the house for work on Sunday


“That’s so early it’s almost back into 2018”

Sorry we need to drive 40 miles so we can get to a briefing starting at 7.45.

“Dad I may have to join you in having a coffee that morning”

Yes I suspect my current Decaf diet will be scrapped at 6am Sunday. Son’s comments about Coffee made me smile. A couple of years back I came across some research that seemed to suggest that Coffee was starting to be used with some kids with ADHD.

Dopamine levels in the brain need to be within a very narrow parameter range for the brain to operate at optimum levels. A body of research exists that seems to support the theory that with ADHD Dopamine levels are too low and outside the optimal parameters. Stimulants like caffeine raise Dopamine levels. The argument is that stimulants can then be used to raise Dopamine levels in people with ADHD to optimal levels. This will have a positive impact on concentration and attention levels. So a cup of coffee might be a good idea for kids with ADHD (like our son)????

But too much caffeine may cause things like stomach trouble, raised heartbeat, sleep problems, irritability……. It’s an addictive psychoactive stimulant drug.

Then you factor in Autism. Little research exists on the effects of caffeine here. Does it help. Does it hinder.

When I spoke to the health professionals the advice ranged from ‘worth a go’ to ‘its a bad idea’.

I’m no medic so I will continue to play it safe. So early on Sunday double standards will be adopted. I will have a strong coffee whereas our Son will have a glass of orange juice.


On the other side of this Bush is a stunning view yet it’s blocked by plant beauty.

Our Son loves history. You often see him watching very in-depth documentaries about a vast range of historical subjects

  • Romans
  • Viking
  • Pharaohs
  • Greeks
  • Persians
  • Incas
  • American Presidents
  • British Kings and Queens
  • Battles and Wars
  • and on and on

Unfortunately he doesn’t get the chance to extend this knowledge at school (yet).

It’s probably due to being put in the bottom set due to his dyslexia but the teaching is at such a low level. Son says he will keep watching historical videos as it’s the only way he learns anything new. He smiles when he calls himself the Hermione Granger of the History class. If the teacher asks a question he is always the first hand up but is never selected to answer.

I think one incident really sums up the problem.

In a test the class were asked to name facts about King John. Our Son then provided an in-depth answer which talked about

  • When King Richard the Lionheart was captured on the third crusade John (his brother) negotiated with the captors to keep him imprisoned
  • He lost most of his fathers empire
  • After he was forced to retreat from France he alienated himself from the many of the barons and a rebellion started
  • Eventually the two factions started negotiating after months of conflict. The end result was the Magna Carta which limited the power of the crown.
  • He then got the Pope to declare the Magna Carta invalid sparking more civil conflict which spilled into the reign of the next king – his son Henry III
  • He may well have killed his nephew (Arthur of Brittany) a potential rival
  • John was excommunicated when he refused to let the Pope have a say in the selection of a new Archbishop of Canterbury
  • He probably died of dysentery

That is my son speaking not me. My knowledge of John ends with the Magna Carta being signed under his rule and the stuff in Ivanhoe.

His teacher spoke to our son and basically told him that he provided too much information. That he was in Year 7 and he shouldn’t know this stuff until Year 10. That’s a way of inspiring his love of the subject. To be fair to the teacher her approach to learning is what the government wants. Sadly the government understands as much about education (and actually most other areas) as does that Bush in the photograph.

Chasing rainbows

As a kid one of the worst realisations was when I found out that a rainbow does not produce a pot of gold. What no tricky Leprechaun guarding the the pot. Even now I feel a tinge of sadness when a rainbow appears.

This rainbow appeared four years ago on our last holiday. I remember our son trying to get his head around an overseas pot of gold.

  • would it be legal tender in the U.K.
  • Is it the same pot of gold that appears in the U.K. or does every country have its own pot of gold
  • If the rainbow straddles two countries do you get two different types of gold in either end
  • What happens if the pot of gold appears over water – does it float
  • If the gold sinks what happens if a fish swallows a gold coin – does the fish get to keep the gold – does he disappear when the gold goes
  • Are we allowed to bring the pot of gold through customs
  • Is it taxable (that was my thought)

This rainbow photograph was taken on a Sunday. Five days later I had a Swiss beer with my evening meal. Not had alcohol since. I really don’t miss the booze. I do miss the friendship and socialising but not the drink. I’m not sure what my old climbing buddies would make of it. We sat around the camp fire drinking whiskey and eating sausages. Now they would do the same while I sit there drinking herbal tea and eating tofu. Suspect I would be assigned to the solo ascent team.

A few weeks ago an advert came on the radio about a lager which was apparently liquid gold. Son immediately asked how much it cost to buy a glass of gold in a pub. I jokingly pointed out that the excessive cost of drinking gold would be the least of your concerns. As gold inside of you would be really really bad for your health.

“Dad you must know gold is chemically inert so it possess little risk. It should just pass through the system when you go to the toilet.”

I never knew that going to the toilet could be so costly.

Now a thought crosses my mind. What would you do if you found did find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and you discovered that it was a pot of liquid gold lager…

Now that would just sum up my luck….