It’s one of those nights where everyone can sleep perfectly except for one person. I really could do with at least a few hours rest but it just won’t happen. Too many worries. When your tired the worries just keep circling around in your mind. Making you more tired but increasing the stress levels so you can’t sleep. So many worries circulating.

With the passing of his last grandparent this September this will be the first Christmas Day when it’s going to be just the two of us.. This is on top of this being the first Christmas since THAT SANTA CHAT.

Are we at the right school.

Is it time to consider sleep medication for our son. He’s got to sleep reasonably early tonight but that’s a rarity.

Which Dyslexia programme to pay for.

Should he return to school today even though his hand is still not right.

Son has not had a holiday in three years.

What happens to our son if something happens to me.

Do I replace the malfunctioning washing machine.

Can I get a couple more months out of the car tyres

Getting further behind the work schedule.

A few too many bills.

I’m not going to resolve any of these in my present mental state. I need to switch the brain off. So I’m going to try something completely left field. A hot milk (I don’t really like the stuff) and lights off then switch on. When our son was a baby he wouldn’t sleep. So we bought him a night light projector – he hated it. So tonight I’m switching on the baby projector. Lets see if the projected little blue and red stars can soothe this tired sole tonight.

Q and A Tag. Come Chat with me

Somedays you just need to put the stressful issues to one side and just have a bit of fun.

Thank you to A Guy Called Bloke for the tag to take part in the fun Q and A. Come Chat with Me. He does have a blog that makes me think and smile.

The Rules

Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)

Create three questions of your own for those that you tag to answer

Tag three people

The Questions

Hurly Burly or Wally Bolly and why?

Hate being busy or really busy places so scrap Hurly Burly. Been to too many metal concerts so expert in the pointless talking when no one can really hear anything routine. Some would say that I have been in a state of permanent Wally Bolly since I went to a Motörhead concert 30 years ago.

Blue underpants with green socks or pink boxers with yellow sandals?

Probably have to go for Blue underpants (have them) with green socks (have them). I do have pink boxer shorts but it would be a crime if I wore any type of sandal. My feet were stunt feet in the Hobbit Movie series.

If the letter A wsn’t in our lphabet wht would you plce in its plce or in other words?

Would repl👻ce with this symbol 👻. 👻dd 👻 bit of fun into the English l👻ngu👻ge.

My Tags

Cosmic Observation


Functional Rustic

Your questions if you choose to take them are:

Pink and yellow dot sports car or an Alvin and The Chipmunks designed utility vehicle?

Who would you make world leader. Your choices are Shaggy (ScoobyDoo), Homer Simpson, Squidward (Spongebob) or Rico (Penguins of Madagascar)?

You have to sit in a bath of cold food. Which food?

30-Day Song Challenge pt2

Our second bash at the 30 Day Song Challenge. Again it’s a joint effort with our son.

Day 8

A song about drugs and alcohol–AvCsh48bk

I had better take this one. Has to be George Thorogoodo – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.

Day 9

A song that makes you happy

Certainly a joint decision. Both going for the really funny Jack Black and Kyle Gass becoming Tenacious D and Tribute.

Day 10

A song that makes you sad

This was one of my partners favourite songs. She used to say it was our song every time it came on the radio. Little did I realise the video was so apt for what was going to happen. I still can’t listen to it rather floods of tears.

Day 11

A song you never get tired of.

This one is our son’s choice. Europe – The Final Countdown. He could listen to this on loop all day.

Day 12

A song from your preteen years.

The Goons – Ying Tong Song. I can’t remember when I first heard this song. Maybe it was Dad (sorry Dad if you hated it) but for whatever reason I just remember it as a kid. As a toddler our son love its silliness.


Thank you to Kristian for the Liebster nomination from his great site Tales from the mind of Kristian. Very kind of you.

The Rules

  • Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Give 11 random thoughts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  • Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

Because these are good questions, people are tending to stick with them.

The Questions:

11 questions

1)What is your biggest pet peeves?

Why do pets have to pull the Christmas tree down every two minutes. At least the dog hasn’t cocked his leg on it yet. The angel on top of the tree is genuinely looking like it needs to go into rehab after what the girl cat did to it this morning.

2)Where did you get the name for your blog?

I came up with the single most rubbish blog name ever. Can’t blame anybody else except me. It just sort of popped into my head.

3)If you could change your blogs name, what would it be?

The perfect family still together.


Whatever Will Smith calls his blog.

4)What was your favourite show as a kid?

Too many to mention. Captain Scarlet was number 1 ScoobyDoo was number 2.

5)Do you have any weird habits?

Too many. Won’t eat the ends of a banana. If I read a newspaper I read it Japanese Manga Comic style, back to front. Turn into a wolf every full moon. Always give my car a name then say hello and goodbye to it when I drive. If I’m concentrating I tend to stick my tongue out. Could go on for pages.

6)Do you like fall scents/tastes?

Yes favourite time of year.

7)What is your favourite holiday and why?

SWITZERLAND. 🇨🇭 Stunning scenery, beautiful food, lovely friendly people, worlds greatest public transport system, MEMORIES

8)Do you prefer writing it down or typing it up?

My handwriting is so bad it has to be typing. Having said that I still can only type with two fingers.

9)Netflix or cable?

Prefer to buy cheap DVDs than watch TV these days.

10)If money didn’t matter, what would you do with your life?

Become the Yorkshire Batman. Would probably have to change my name to something like ‘Rhubarb Man’ or ‘The Yorkshire Pudding’.

11)What is your favourite thing about yourself?

Absolutely Nothing.

11 Things About Me

  1. As a kid I had a 3 legged tortoise called speedy who walked round in circles.
  2. A few years back I apparently looked like Harry Potters Dad. Not sure if that was before or after Voldermort made a mess of him.
  3. When I played football for the university my nickname was Bagpuss.
  4. I worked for a while at the Forensic Science Service. No idea why but one of the office sites was slap in the middle of the U.K.s atomic weapons research site. Many years ago. But then it was the U.K.s highest security site. Mad old place. Probably just broken the official secrets act – sorry Theresa
  5. I was born in Yorkshire but a couple of years later the government decided that my town couldn’t be in Yorkshire anymore. It’s the stuff of revolutions.
  6. I used to go fishing with some of my friends. I hated the thought of hurting a fish so I never put a hook on my line. Friends never found out.
  7. When I was a kid one of my favourite shows was ScoobyDoo. Back then I desperately wanted Velma to be my girlfriend.
  8. I’ve seen the following bands: Deep Purple, Motörhead, The Firm, Whitesnake, Tin Machine, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Meatloaf, Blue Oyster Cult, Rory Gallagher, Magnum, Gary Moore, Saxon, Mountain, Eric Clapton, Asia, Bad Company, Dio, Marillion, Runrig, Blackfoot, Kirsty Macoll, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Extreme, Tina Turner, Brian Adams, Al Stewart, Suzy Quattro, Roy Harper, Hollywood Vampires, The Darkness, The Dammed, Iron Maiden. Plus because of my partner I have seen Ronan Keaton twice…….
  9. I got my first name from a famous American actor, who did a lot of cowboy movies and it’s not John Wayne.
  10. I was privileged to be in a crowd which was addressed by Nelson Mandela.
  11. I once spent time on a climbing wall with a someone who later went on to climb Everest.


Open it up to anyone who fancies a crack at some of the same questions. It is ok to admit any lycanthropy tendencies – we are all friends here.

Early morning

I decided to get up really early this morning to try and do a bit of work catch up. But the work gods are still against me. In my half asleep state I somehow found a way of opening up the laptop and switching it on.

“Configuring Windows Update. Do not turn off your computer”

Stumbled off to make a cup of tea (as Velma Dinkley would say – Jinkys) why did I choose this week to give up coffee.

“Configuring Windows Update. Do not turn off your computer”

Stumbled back into the kitchen to make a bit of breakfast.

“Configuring Windows Update. Do not turn off your computer”

Stumbled back into the kitchen to make another cup of tea. Clearly the last one didn’t wake me up.

“Configuring Windows Update. Do not turn off your computer”

Better sort out the smelly cat litter, like smelling salts, that’s woke me up.

“Configuring Windows Update. Do not turn off your computer”

And on and on and on. Two hours later it’s still in configuration meltdown.

So I can’t turn off the computer but it doesn’t say anything about using it as the new cat litter tray,

“Configuring Windows Update. For gods sake don’t let that cat pee on your computer”

So zero work done but I did get to see a sunrise and hear the stunning 🦅 dawn chorus. I had forgotten how magical this time of day can be.

Pets feel

Our pets give us so much entertainment and bring much needed smiles to this broken house. They have really helped get us through the last couple of years. Yes they can be terrors but humans can be oh so much worse….

But I think one pet needs a special mention. They big boy cat. He is such a softy. Even when the cats could venture outside he was not really an apex predator. Never worked out how to hunt. The girl cat would frequently bring him some live offerings. But the boy cat would carefully paw them, then roll over – I suspect he was hoping the vole would tickle his tummy. Strangely the vole would scurry off into the hedge counting it’s blessings. The boy cat would frequently get stuck in the tree requiring rescue. He was petrified of the cat flap so we had to cover it up. He had a favourite type of toy. He would only play with our son’s Dr Who Dalek plastic figures – nothing else. You would see him searching the toy box in a desperate attempt to find the elusive evil masterminds. He has worked out how to open door handles so he gets free run of the house.

But he was also inseparable from my partner. He would follow her about and he always seemed to be on her lap. When my partner went out the cat would sit at the front window and wait for hours until she came back. Sadly you can’t explain bereavement to a cat. I’ve got no idea what the boy cat is thinking. I can’t confirm that he is grieving like we are. But I know one thing for a fact. Every night he sleeps where our partner used to sleep and you frequently see him at the front window. I suspect he’s waiting for her to return.

Keeping Children Safe in Public Places

I have been asked if I would bring a blog post about keeping kids safe to your attention. The post is from a blog called When fit hits the Shan.

what started as another blog post is more to me now. This isn’t about promoting myself or my blog. I am a mom too, and I can’t handle the thought of a child being taken from his parents like that. “
“I really think this trick saved that boy. I was so sad and scared to think that I had never heard of it. I would not have used this technique if it had been my child on the beach that day, and I would have lost her. What I want is to share this information with all parents because I think it can save families”


Children on the autistic spectrum can often take words literally. Now most of this can be put down to the confusing nature of language. Why do we make it so difficult. Often English doesn’t even seem like my second language. It did take me three attempts to pass my English exam.

It is something we noticed with our son at an early age. I can clearly remember one time when naughty dad had eaten all the smarties. When our son quizzed the suspect I remember saying

“Must have been the dinosaur in the kitchen”

Five minutes later our son is ransacking the kitchen in a desperate dinosaur hunt.

Another time I remember saying “and Pigs might Fly”. A few weeks later at nursery our son began telling the other kids that pigs could fly. And given a lot of the kids realised how much he knew about animals – they all started believing it to. So if you ever hear someone like Coyote Peterson or Chris Packham talking about flying pigs on their nature shows – then you probably know who to blame. Sorry

We had to become more careful in what we said. We tried to make sure if a joke was told or any colloquial language used that we immediately pointed what had been done and why. Explaining that words can have different meanings. We also tried to stress the importance of not only hearing the words but also trying to listen for how things have been said. We worked on his body language recognition skills. One game which helped was watching the TV with the volume turned off and trying to guess which people were happy or sad or angry or being serious.

To this day he still quite often takes words literally. It’s a worry going forward into senior school. But he is learning. He now frequently asks “is that real” or “is that true” to try and confirm meaning and last week….. He was using my iPad in another room. He kept shouting that it wasn’t working properly. Me being a lazy sod I was trying to shout instructions back rather than going to look at it. After several minutes he shouted that it was still not working. Without thinking I replied “just flush it down the toilet”. Few seconds later the toilet flushed. I have never ran so fast. Fortunately I found a laughing son saying “got you there dad”. Happy Days….

Sunshine Bloggers Award – The Scooby Years

sorry this should have been posted last night.

After visiting the Hospital our son is enjoying his second TLC movie marathon. Today’s entertainment is provided by the 4 live action ScoobyDoo movies. Let’s see what impact the ghosts, ghouls and Scooby Snacks have on my responses.

Thank you to Sadje for the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award for bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring – people who spread “sunshine” to the blogging world! Very much like Sadje.

The Rules:

1.Thank the blogger/s who nominated you.

2.Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post and list the rules.

3.Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you.

4.Nominate 11 bloggers you want to give the award to.

5.Ask the bloggers 11 questions of your own.

The Questions from Sadje

Which one, do you feel is your best post?

Funnily it’s one I’ve not got round to posting yet. It’s the one where me and the gang manage to solve the old lighthouse mystery. Waiting for the really cute Thelma to unmask the Zombie Headless Horseman (still trying to work out how you get a mask on someone headless, maybe it’s for the horse).

How do you get inspiration for writing?

Just real life events or son or crazy dreams or pets or food disasters or Scooby Snacks

If given a choice would you choose traveling by train or ship?

Love train journeys. So did my partner. Tended to always get the train from Yorkshire to Switzerland. Many hours and 4 changes but so relaxing.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

My preference is night owl and late bird. But those days went out of the window when our son was born.

Which would you say is the best part of your life?

Being a parent.

How was life in childhood for you?

Privileged to have a loving family. Privileged to go to a war zone of a school. So many great TV shows ScoobyDoo, Star Trek, Captain Scarlet, BananaSplits, UFO, Joe 90, Captain Pugwash, Doctor Who.

Are you a coffee person or a tea addict?

Definitely a coffee person. But was overdosing on caffeine so have recently switched to tea. Now feel properly English.

Food that you cannot resists?

Apple crumble and custard.

What should be the first thing a child be taught?

To change their own nappies.

How are you enjoying blogging?

After the world changed I found it really difficult to connect with people. Started to lose touch with the world. But I found it much easier to blog. Blogging makes me feel connected.

What are your ambitions for your blog?

Solve as many mysteries as I can. Keep the pesky meddling gang together.

My Questions

  1. Do you believe in 🛸 UFOs?
  2. Thing you like the most about your country?
  3. Thing you hate the most about your country?
  4. Favourite type of holiday?
  5. Which character from ScoobyDoo are you most like?
  6. What book have you read the most?
  7. Which movie have you seen the most?
  8. If an entry exam was introduced for world leaders what would be the first and last questions?
  9. What was your dream as a child?
  10. Did you achieve your dream?
  11. Your favourite character from ScoobyDoo?


Again I’m opening this up to everyone. Jinkys it’s time to watch the 4th movie.


Sunday seems such a long time ago. I just love the quayside area of Newcastle. Yes it’s built up. Some of the architecture is 18th century housing modern wine bars, restaurants, fast food joints and pubs. But it just seems to work and dovetail together.

But the highlight for me are the bridges over the River Tyne. All so different and just stunning.

Too often people look towards the famous Tyne Bridge and forget to look in the other direction.

Son was really brave and made it into the football stadium. He enjoyed the full Mr Men display from his dad. He even got animated with the pompous and bumbling referee (without prompting). For anyone who follows English Football – Mike Dean is infamous. Yes it ended up with my team losing again but that misses the point. It was one of those days where our son ventured into a world which is not his and rather enjoyed it.