Swiss Sunday

It’s Sunday so it must be time for a trip down memory lane. To very different times . To family holidays to Switzerland. As I look at the photos the memories flood back. But also a feeling of hope. The photos are a reminder of the world that can be so easily found out there.

It still can be a wonderful world.


Perfect isolation.

Sometimes isolation is needed. Over the last two years some of that isolation has been enforced. But much has been locally needed isolation. Needed by Hawklad. It will be needed going forward. The question is how much. Maybe less. Maybe more. It will change over time. This week it’s been needed much more.

Whisper it as well. Isolation maybe needed by me as well.

Perfect isolation.


Walking and pondering.

Pondering on how well the cost saving drive is going. Not….

Having spent hours going through the weekly shopping list, looking for deals, switching to saver brands, cutting out waste, the bill came in £10 more than the last previous week……

Filling up the diesel thirsty car and finding it was £75 to fill up the tank this week, £3 dearer than last week…..

Paying this quarters electricity bill and finding it had more than doubled compared to the last one……

Filling up the Home Fuel Oil Tank costing £800, last year it would have cost £300.

I could go on but you get the picture. We are ok but many are struggling. Definitely the time to appreciate the simpler life. Appreciating things like walks. Lifts the soul and costs nothing. Then guess what. My shoe sole starts to come off. Maybe not so free after all🤣🤣🤣🤣 But life has helpfully moved on. Hawklad is bigger than me. So now these days I can enjoy ‘hand me downs’. He must be near growing out of his shoes real soon.

Oh hang on, that means buying him new shoes. Just for a moment I had thought I had actually saved some money there. How silly of me to think that.

Marvel at Scotland

Back to last week. See you don’t need the multiverse to do a spot of time travel.

“Dad tomorrow can we go to Scotland. Don’t mind where just can it be really quiet. Somewhere different. Maybe even exciting.”

Two herbal teas later the solution popped into my head. Visit a place where we can MARVEL at who grand Scotland is.

Quiet means arriving early. As we were heading 180 miles north then we set off just after 5am.

Heading to the stunning coastal village of St Abbs. Part of the Marvel Universe……

The second highest grossing movie of all time, End Game used St Abbs as New Asgard. Hulk and Rocket came here to find Thor. Hawklad didn’t think he would be stood outside Thor’s house…..

I didn’t cause an international incident by taking my shirt off and pretending to be one of the Avengers. Maybe next time. Actually if people think that Thor looked out of shape when he was in New Asgard, wait to they get a look at my version of a shirtless Avenger. Let’s just say the 6 pack is well and truly hidden these days.

As we wandered around St Abbs a thought struck me. The place feels remote almost cut off from modern life. Operating at its own pace with the Sea dominating life. Could somewhere like this be a place which would suit Hawklad. Then the realisation, it might actually suit me. I was brought up by the Sea until I left to go to University. It feels very familiar, very safe. Would a return suit my mindset. Would it blow away the life cobwebs. Would it fix the problem that the world now seems to spin at a different speed to me. Is it a great place to forget the past.

Maybe Thor had a point moving to somewhere as wonderful as St Abbs. A perfect place for his New Asgard


A sea of yellow.

If Captain Chaos made it in there, I’m not sure we would get him out this side of Christmas. If I played golf I bet my ball would definitely land somewhere in that.

So the home at school project is back. Over two years now. Wow two years.

It’s only been a two week school break but so much has been forgotten, by parent and pupil. Trigonometry was mastered, two weeks later it might as well be a cross stitching pattern. Intricate, perplexing, ultimately an unfathomable jumble. Forgetting things is very understandable with my Sinclair ZX81 of a brain (an ancient first try at a home computer which was as powerful as my left buttock). But Hawklad should be different, he has an amazing memory. No he can’t remember any Trig from two weeks back yet ask him about things that interest him and it’s almost PERFECT TOTAL RECALL. Remember stuff from years back. That’s the secret, stuff that interests him.

Sadly British Secondary Education doesn’t fall into that interest bracket……

Swiss Sunday

It’s a few minutes past midnight here in England. A muppet dad is fighting to put on duvet covers. In this case, a ‘George from Peppa Pig’ cover. The duvet cover is winning….. What makes it worse is that it’s for my bed. Hawklad wouldn’t dream of sleeping under that these teenage days. But it’s still a good cover so, waste not want not. Plus as it’s just me under that duvet, who will ever know.

So can you keep a secret……

Anyway I have given up the cover battle for a few moments and I’m thinking 2015.

I wouldn’t have got away with that themed cover back in 2015. Not a chance. Back in 2015 it was also our last holiday we had as a family of three. Seven days in beautiful Switzerland.

The next time we go back to The Alps things will be very different and not just what’s allowable in terms of bed furnishings. I had hoped that 2022 might have been return year but maybe things are still against a trip this year but you ever know. But wow, I wish I was there right now. I wish I was back in Switzerland.

Planning pt 2

Planning can get you to places. Get you to places at the right times. Sometimes planning can get you to places when the weather is nice.

Planning can get you out of the daily routine. Walking on an island in the North Sea is a much needed break from the usual daily routine. That’s good for Hawklad, for Me.

Planning is going to be the key going forward.

To push the boundaries out just a little bit further.

Hawklad wants to see a bit more. Experience a bit more. But his anxieties are spiking again. It’s going to be a challenge. More planning is required.

So can we plan a quiet day trip to another country next.

Planning pt 1

A carefully planned day trip. A trip 140 miles north up the coast. To deepest Northumberland. To the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. A stunning tidal island set in the North Sea. To reach it you need to cross a one mile causeway which disappears when the tide comes in. Saint Aidan founded a Monastery here in 635AD. Even today you can see why.

So much planning was needed. Time the arrival as the tide was just revealing the causeway. Stay just long enough before the crowds arrived.

Unbelievably the plan worked. Hawklad got his day out with few crowds. That is definitely the blueprint for trying to expand his world on HIS TERMS.


Am I a bad man…..

For weeks I’ve struggled with the online banking process. All goes well until the bit about sending a confirmation text message. The message never got to me. So I was constantly using the help desk to approve transactions. All a bit of a polava.

Well something happened today. Something very odd. Suddenly a bank confirmation text message arrived. Then another. And another. Actually over 230 messages arrived. Not all from the bank. Weeks and weeks and weeks worth. Message after message.

The first two I looked at where about WORK. From colleagues. Moaning colleagues. Very moaning. My life was definitely not enhanced by reading them. The next message was clearly another moaning work one. The one after that looked like O2 trying to flog me a new mobile.

Am I a bad man, I snapped. I might have accidentally deleted all the messages. Deleted without looking at virtually all of them, just 4 out of 230.

Yes I might be a bad man but wow the feeling of power. The liberation. Sometimes I do like online connectivity. It would have taken me ages to shred 230 letters. That’s progress.

Swiss Sunday

Another walk down memory lane. Special places like Switzerland help create everlasting memories. So on this Easter weekend let’s go back ten years. Back to an Easter weekend in 2012. A wonderful family weekend in Switzerland. Time to remember and smile.

A hotel gift
Traditional singing on the lake boat
Another hotel gift
Hotel room view
Just had to play on this