Coffee and George

According to the map, there is supposed to be a path here.

Well I couldn’t find it. As Hawklad put it….

“Where’s Indiana Jones when you need him.”

Apparently in the new Indiana Movie, they make him look decades younger. I wonder if I could buy some of that magic from the Supermarket, I definitely need it. Wow, who is that bloke I see looking back at me in the mirror every morning. George Clooney is older than me, how does he do it, maybe it’s the coffee he drinks.

Yet I’ve been drinking coffee for decades and I’M STILL WAITING for any kind of Clooney effect. Now if it was signs of the CLUELESS effect, we’ll that would be a totally different story. I’ve got shed loads of those signs.

The Completely Clueless, So Not Clooney ME reached new levels this Mad March. I just couldn’t balance the work monthly payroll. Who was I missing. I just hadn’t paid out enough.

Oh hang on. I didn’t pay ME. What a monumental Clueless Wazzock.

Maybe that is all that coffee will ever give me. Ineptness and a morning mirror jump scare. But I guess there is always hope.

Next time you bump into George, can you ask him how he does it.