It’s 1am and I’m not tired. I should be but I’m not. No point going to bed yet.

Can’t be bothered to watch TV. More to life than some random movie or Pointless bathroom renovation show, although my bathroom could do with a lick of paint but not at 1am.

Reading. No. Can’t concentrate. End up having to read the same page several times.

Music. Too late for German Death Metal so it would have to be Cohen or Pink Floyd. Don’t fancy listening to such up tempo music tonight….

Jigsaw. Just No

Check on the school at home schedule. But the prospect of checking on school when it starts in less than 8 hours and sleep has not yet started is very depressing.

Eat. I’m on a diet.

Meditate. This is not the time for a juicy hip extension. Is there ever a time for that.

Do some Astronomy. Come on, this is Yorkshire. It’s chucking it down.

It’s clear what I need to do. Make a herbal tea and day dream. Day dream until hopefully they turn into real Night Dreams.

That’s a plan.