Swiss Sunday

Back to 2012, a very different time. As a fair chunk of the country went Olympics Mad, we headed to Switzerland. Our Games was an Olympic torch visiting Hawklad’s school and a quarter final football match featuring Brazil.

The train out of the country was so quiet for that time of year. A few returning french athletes who had completed their events. Such a different story on the trains heading into London, mobbed with athletes and spectators. Paris Gare de Nord was really chaotic but strangely fun.

Then it was time to breathe and have wonderful alpine adventures. Yes the Olympics are special but give us Switzerland every single time.

It’s Yorkshire time again

It was only a matter of time. Somethings are set in stone. They just must happen.

So the Olympics is on. It just needs a major international sporting event to take place and the inevitable happens. Anyone with Yorkshire DNA immediately can only utter the following words for at least to weeks…

“See what would happen if Yorkshire was a country. We would show them….”

So here is the current Olympic Medals Table !!!!! The ‘reet properrr’ one.