I wrote this just before the world turned again on Saturday. Trying to help get him back to this mindset again. Thankyou for all your support, it really has helped. I know some people will say it was just a pet, but given what went before it….. it really has hit him hard. Feels like he has regressed back to the days when his mum died.


“Dad I’m going to tell you the winners of the main football leagues since 2009.”

I grabbed my iPad to check the dates and help with the blanks, shouldn’t have bothered

Ours is easy it’s 2018 Man City, 2017 Chelsea, 2016 Leicester, 2015 Chelsea, 2014 Man City, 2013 Man Utd, 2012 Man City, 2011 Man Utd, 2010 Chelsea and 2009 was Man Utd.

Scotland is easy it’s Rangers for the first three years then Celtic since 2012.

In France it’s easy as it’s PSG except in 2009 when it was Bordeaux, 2010 Marseille, 2011 Lille, 2012 was a team starting with M but I can’t say it and 2017 Monaco.

For La Liga it’s Barcelona in 09,10,11,13,15,16,18. Real in 12,17 and Athletico in 2014.

In Italy Juventus have won it since 2012, 09 and 10 was Inter, 2011 was AC Milan.

In Germany 2009 it was Wolfsburg, 11 and 12 was Dortmund, boringly Bayern have won the rest.”

A slightly stunned Dad was list for words. He didn’t like football this time last year. Struggling for something to say all I could manage was – who won the Dutch league in 2010?

“Trying to trick me, that was Twente.”

Ok who won the Turkish league this year?


How can anyone remember all these facts. It is beyond me. It’s also beyond me why our society is so quick to write off so much talent in our autistic stars.

“Dad when did your team last win the league?”

Not that many years ago son….

“Dad you will find it was 1927.”


60 thoughts on “Football

  1. Haha!!! The joys of Aspie kids I’m telling you – that lot never clock off or miss a beat. It’s murder when they’re teenagers and just coming at you with everything and from all angles.

    Someone asked me about a tank they saw on Facebook and I said to give me a few mins whilst I asked Sam. He glanced momentarily at my screen and casually said “Yeah that’s the ____ but it wasn’t used they rolled it out later on and now it’s mainly just used for display”

    He literally only looked up for a few seconds and that’s all he needed to give a full background and info. \Handy to have in pub quizzes 🙂

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  2. I for one understand. It is far more than a pet. It is a family member. And one that gave love and support to your son in his devastation at his mother dying. Maybe the cat kindnof became abmother to him. This is simething very deep to him. My condolences. It is a devastating thing to happen, hus grief will take time to work through. I will carry him in my heart. Bless you both x

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  3. It’s Montpellier (mont-pell-ee-yay) – French Ligue 1 champions 2011-12 🙂

    I can’t stop shit happening or turn negative emotions around, or do much of anything really (other than research, i’m rather good at that! 😉 ) but i can and will keep my Daily Funny posts up in the hope that it might give some cheer if you feel like you need it, or not!

    Don’t lose that sense of humour. 😉

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      1. Laughter is a great way to reduce life’s pressures and stress – we all need to look for the funny in life wherever possible. 😀 ( ‘cos the crap stuff can find us all by itself!) 😉

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      1. They care far too much on the momentary gifts–muscle and beauty. America’s the worst about this. It’s all about whatever fame you can grab now while you’re good looking, and to hell with the needs of tomorrow.

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      2. Exactly. I know you’re not into Marx Brothers, but one thing I like to point out about them to the kids is that these guys were multi-talented: they could write, dance, sing, play instruments. They didn’t depend on a single gift, but brought all their gifts together. How many stars today can we say do that? We’re always shocked when an actor can do ANYthing else.

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      3. I’m not sure why I never got into the Marx Brothers. Possibly because our house was so focused on Laurel and Hardy, plus Abbot & Costello. But it such a great point, all skills however diverse are just as relevant and opportunity should be given for everyone to shine, I get so annoyed at schools. They have sports days. Not all kids shine at sport. What about an art day, or languages day or a caring day or an animal day or a science day….

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