I took the mad dog for his morning constitutional walk. We pass a couple of streams and a small lake. Just very grey. Got me thinking. Even in the summer they are always just grey. No colour.

Suddenly my mind wanders to happier times. European Holidays. The two things that immediately strike you when you visit Switzerland:

  • The staggering beauty of the Alps


  • The beautiful colour of the Lakes. This photo does not do them justice.

Just breathtaking…..

61 thoughts on “Blue water

  1. I’ve only been to Geneva and that was a business trip so although I saw the fountain, there was no sight seeing. My camera doesn’t do colours justice sometimes either, but this is a smashing photo and I love the way the blues mingle together.

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  2. I always wanted to go to Switzerland. Never did though. I once took some ohotos of a lake in Derbyshire. Forgotten what they calk it, when I looked at the photos the sheer BLUENESS of it hit me. It was like WOW! Glsd you had those nice memories thus morning.

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      1. I had never thought of water actually being blue, rather ankind of grey, like you said I think. So the blue was a real surprise. Of course I can’t see these sights now,which makes me very sad.

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  3. I do not live near blue lakes, but once stayed on a lake in Montana that had a blue and green body of water. It changed color with the depth of the water and the storminess of the day…


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