Been far too grey and misty over the last few days. Too much winter. So let’s have a little bit of summer. Yes Yorkshire does get some of that. Sometimes.

This is one of those great footpaths. A footpath across the crop field that the local farmer dutifully maintains. Not easy to get lost of this one. I always think it would be funny if the farmer built in a maze to this path. He could get hordes of walkers lost here for hours. Could be a nice little money earner for him. Send his sheepdogs in to rescue the walkers for a small fee.

In that photo if you keep going straight. Climb the hill. Keep going straight and in about 10 minutes you will crash into our overgrown garden. You could get seriously lost in there.

I feel a little lost today. I think many of us are. A little tired of Groundhog Day. Bored with 2020. Hours , days, weeks and months seemingly merging into each other. Having to constantly look at the date on my mobile and then check the calendar to work out where I am. Is it a Sunday? Not sure.

But there is always hope.

This time will pass. Directions will be rediscovered again. The farmer will work on his lovely straight path again.

39 thoughts on “Farmer

  1. I have been saying this a lot lately. I am so tired of the same song that has been playing on the radio. We need a new DJ. Something has to change soon. We are all losing our minds! Until then, I hope you enjoy a bit of the sunnier weather today.

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  2. The year certainly has dragged and pulled everyone down, but it will not go on forever and how wonderful it will be to rediscover all that we miss! Gorgeous day here today, impossible to be glum.


  3. This year has certainly been a grind in many ways, but not so different (for me) than many others, excluding the intense stress at times.

    I love the photograph and the analogy. Sometimes straight paths can seem boring, but there is something to be said for safety and knowing exactly where you will come out the other end.

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  4. We used to live in England and would often take a walk through a field just like this. It was wonderful. I can hear the silence now. Hoping covid let’s us take the walk next year as we had to cancel this years. Something to look forward to even if it has been looked forward to for what feels like forever!


  5. I’m always forgetting what day it is too. We have routines, but Daughter’s work schedule isnt always the same days, so that doesn’t help… I do alright from Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night, through Sunday cuz I’m looking forward to GLYSB Monday. Then Tuesday… then I get lost again๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Hold on to that light of hope! If it starts feeling dim, reach out and I’ll share mine. Together, we’ll all get through this.๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ


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