Swiss Sunday

It’s just turned Sunday and I am dreaming. Dreaming big. Dreaming of the adventures of a lifetime. Dreaming of family memories still to be made. Dreaming of new times in Switzerland.

It’s been 6 long years since our last time amongst The Alps. So much has changed since that holiday. To our family, to the world. But Switzerland is still there waiting. New life doors can still open. After the last few years it’s easy to forget just how wonderful life can be. But it really can be. This can be such a wonderful life. This is such a beautiful planet, places like Switzerland prove that.

Swiss Sunday

It’s just turned Sunday here in the UK. So much of the world is in turmoil. We need more than ever moments of peace and beauty. I think it’s time to visit one such place. Time for Switzerland.

I’ve been asked why we would always go back to the same hotel, have the same base for our trips to this wonderful country.


It’s hard to put into words that feeling, but let’s try using photos. All these pics were taken either from the hotel balcony or within 2 minutes walk from the hotel front door.

Can you see why now……

Swiss Sunday

It’s just gone Sunday here in the UK and it’s the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane. Back 7 years to our last trip as a family of 3 to alpine heaven. To spectacular Switzerland.

On our trips, a bit of a rarity, a grizzly weather day. So this moody Monday we took a boat ride across Lake Thun and then sat back and let the wonders of Swiss Transport carry us to the top of a beautiful small mountain, The Neiderhorn.

Yes it was windy, yes it was cold and a bit damp but it was still awesome. Hawklad still talks about that day with so much fondness. A truly fun day which felt epic to him.

Swiss Sunday

Sunday has arrived here and it’s time for our weekly trip to Alpine dreamland. Let’s visit SWITZERLAND.

On all out trips we stayed at the same hotel. Perfect. Next to a beautiful marina. Wonderful castle right behind it. Views of a perfect mountain across the water.

Every stay we got to speak to the hotel owner. A wonderful chap who has done some living in his many years . So full of stories. A favourite one was him being a skiing extra in a James Bond movie set in Switzerland. He never forgot the name of a guest. Always there at Breakfast giving advice on where to have the next adventure and how the weather was going to be in that area. His love for his country so evident and so infectious. Every trip we would find out from him more and more things about why Switzerland is so very special. With pride he would tell visitors all the things that his country had given to the world.

So to honour him (apparently he is still there, still looking after his guests), let’s think about Switzerlands awesomeness.

Gave the world milk chocolate, Velcro, numbered bank accounts, The Red Cross, solar powered air travel, Muesli…….

Gave the world The Swiss Army Knife, cellophane, hay fever medication, bobsleigh, aluminium foil, Rosti ……lol

Gave the world The Zip, cup a soups, spaghetti, fondue……

And Roger Federer.

Swiss Sunday

It’s Sunday so that means one thing here. Let’s take a virtual trip to Switzerland.

We still don’t know when we are going back yet but we have decided one thing. It will be a 1900 mile car roundtrip. England, across France, Switzerland. No tunnel, Hawklad wants a ferry journey to France.

Now let’s see when Hawklad is ready to go.

Swiss Sunday

It’s just turned Sunday here. The national news has just been on the radio and it’s grim yet again. What has happened to England, I don’t recognise it anymore. The wind is howling. It’s pouring down. The dog is refusing to go outside in that. It is definitely feeling like it’s February and my mind is again wandering to another country. I wish I was in Switzerland. On holiday there – YES. Living there – DEFINITELY

How that happens, I have absolutely no idea. But it does sound good. Can you see why? I can….

Swiss Sunday

It’s Sunday so it must be time for a little walk down memory lane. To holidays spent in the one of the worlds must picturesque countries set amongst the majestic Alps. Yes it’s to go back to Switzerland.

When the sun shines, the skies are so blue in this wonderful country. But if the weather turns, guess what. Switzerland is still a magical place.

If you get the chance, please visit this stunning country. You won’t be disappointed.

Swiss Sunday

Switzerland is a country that means so much to this little old Yorkshire family. So many holidays there, so many memories. It’s a special place.

But things have changed. The next time we travel there, it will be different. It’s a much smaller family now. It will just be the two of us. It will be the first trip to The Alps without Hawklad’s mum. But how different will it be. We would always have the same holiday base, Spiez. The Hotel Seegarten, just a few feet from beautiful Lake Thun and it’s marina. We would arrive Saturday night and then on Sunday morning we would always take the boat across the lake to Interlaken. Hawklad loved the relaxing boat journey, he would spend his time on deck. Then a walk round Interlaken. A hot chocolate sat outside a beautiful hotel watching the brave souls landing paragliders after an exhilarating trip from the top of the local mountain. Then a bit of crazy golf, the Swiss do like that sport. A pizza them a trip to a beautiful gift shop. A shop with the most elaborate Swiss Clocks and most importantly a huge selection of Schleich Toy Animals.

The question is….

When we do go back again. Do we stick to the Sunday tradition or do we go for something completely different. Those Sunday mornings were definitely fun and memorable but life has changed. Would it feel the same for Hawklad without his mum. We have talked about it and wow do I regret that….. He’s minded to keep the tradition but add one new thing. Paraglide from that mountain. I think I need a Jumbo Jet size glider to carry my most un-aerodynamic body down to the ground in a controlled manner.

Gliders land here as we had hot chocolates in that hotel

Swiss Sunday

I love Switzerland. So many holidays, so many memories. It’s such a special place. I would move there in a heartbeat. Hopefully these Sunday homages give just a feel for why I feel that way. But it’s not just me. Hawklad feels the same way. It’s a country where he feels comfortable and safe. He finds it exciting and full of wonder. Yes Switzerland is special.

Swiss Sunday

It’s the first Sunday of 2022 so it’s time for our first virtual visit to one of the great destinations in the world. Switzerland.

I can’t believe that in a few months time it will be 7 years since our last holiday here in Alpine Heaven. That’s far too long. But actually there is more to it. My partners family has been coming here regularly for generations. A clear family bond established. But life has happened and that family is much smaller now. It’s now just down to Hawklad and I to keep up that tradition. We have to get back. That’s not just me saying that, Hawklad is committed to that as well. Maybe this year…..

So as the new year arrives, I will leave the photos up to Hawklad. He can pick the locations, the memories. Here are his favourite times and places from this magical country.

Hawklad’s favourite Switzerland.

favourite town, Speiz
A seriously cool mountain
Wants to do this one day. The quick way down a mountain
Want to build that in Lego.
Beach Soccer
First ever glacier
The chocolate
The ice lollies
The golf
The drinks
The boats
The waterfalls
The Pea Soup River.
That’s a proper train station
The Cows
Sherlock Holmes
The Alps
That playground next to Lake Thun