What a difference a different view of something makes. Even just a few paces. Same pole but seen from the other side, just a few seconds later.

I worry quite a bit about the state of the UK’s school system. I don’t like it’s direction over recent times. A Government increasingly wanting to control what is taught and how it’s taught. Modern day Thought Police….

The last year of our school at home project has really highlighted that to me. Most lessons are about force feeding facts. The pupils are just expected to learn those facts parrot fashion. They are told what to look at, which books to read, which facts to absorb. What to believe and what not to believe. Pupils are expected to fit into a mould. So little scope to develop free thinking. Few chances to take the time to look at subjects from different directions. No scope to develop their own views and interests.

It really shouldn’t be like this. The irony. We live in a so called free society where our children are not free to think for themselves.


Yesterday our Police cracked down on a peaceful candle lit vigil. A vigil where everyone in the crowd was wearing a mask. Cracked down on an outpouring of public grief. A show of solidarity with the basic right of every woman to be safe on our streets. Arrests were forcibly made. The reason – to comply with Government Covid Rules. The demonstration represented a public health risk. Even though it was outside and masked.

In 8 hours schools will be open. Lessons will be inside, in poorly ventilated, cramped rooms and largely unmasked. This apparently does not represent a public health risk. Parents are threatened with legal action from the Government if they fail to send their children into school.

My country has become a dangerously messed up place to live. The priorities of those in charge becoming more warped by the minute. Later this week the Government plans to go further and crack further down on protests. Even single person protests.

The tide has to change before more good people are hurt.