What a difference a different view of something makes. Even just a few paces. Same pole but seen from the other side, just a few seconds later.

I worry quite a bit about the state of the UK’s school system. I don’t like it’s direction over recent times. A Government increasingly wanting to control what is taught and how it’s taught. Modern day Thought Police….

The last year of our school at home project has really highlighted that to me. Most lessons are about force feeding facts. The pupils are just expected to learn those facts parrot fashion. They are told what to look at, which books to read, which facts to absorb. What to believe and what not to believe. Pupils are expected to fit into a mould. So little scope to develop free thinking. Few chances to take the time to look at subjects from different directions. No scope to develop their own views and interests.

It really shouldn’t be like this. The irony. We live in a so called free society where our children are not free to think for themselves.

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      1. That’s a fact, scary, really! I read an article some years ago that proposed that only people with a certain level of education should be eligible to vote. At the time I was very disturbed by it, these days not so much. I hate to agree with such thoughts, but he did raise a fair point that is now playing out as the masses seem to be so easily led astray, which is hurting democracies. (I think I may be opening myself up to a lot of reaction having said that.)

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  1. That sounds like when I went to school and is in complete opposition to how the kids are taught these days in our schools. Much more open and room for interpretation and development. The parrot system has been completely replaced.

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  2. Perspective makes all the difference. In some ways, it is no different here. Free thinking isn’t exactly encouraged. They want either the “right” answer or “their” answer…which is usually one and the same!

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  3. Critical thinking must be eradicated! How can they control everyone if they’re allowed to think for themselves? No, no, no!! They must all do exactly as told.

    Scary Big Brother stuff and it’s happening everywhere. Thank goodness there are a few who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid!
    Keep making those ripples!!💌💌💌

    Your sky is soooo pretty! From all directions!😍

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  4. Yep. Well said. Drives me mad. And this is why I am grateful for our little country school that still bucks a lot of the trends (at present-praying this never has to change, though I know odds are our government will eventually force their hands.). It’s also why I am grateful we do a lot of extra learning here at home. Keep passing on all you can to Hawklad. What our children learn from us is often more significant than anything else.

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  5. Educational system all over the world is changing drastically due to our confinement in the past one year. Children are not getting the scope to experiment and explore anymore, they are all trapped. I really feel very sorry for the current generation.
    Anyway, do go through our articles too if you get some time and don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback with us.


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