It’s been a wet old day here in Yorkshire. Grim.

One of those days. A day that was an effort. Nothing seemingly would go to plan. Felt like my face was filled with grimaces rather than smiles. Everything just seemed out of kilter. Hard work. A slog. One step forward, two back.

But I’m still here. Made it through the day. Just about in one piece. And you know what. My dreams are still intact. Let’s see what the next day brings.

43 thoughts on “Next day

  1. I hope your day is full of yellow cheer like that beautiful picture!!

    Nearly sunset as I type this and clouds have come in. The Lunar Eclipse is in the wee hours… I hope the clouds break up a bit🤞 For both of us, the real ones, and the metaphorical ones.

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  2. You know I know that that flower looks a little droopy right now. But it’s still alive, still has it’s beautiful colouring. Still able to help the earth and others get nourishment. That flower is still alive ❤

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  3. That’s the spirit! This weather makes us all a bit gloomy doesn’t it. But when there is the thought of the sun coming out – it brightens up our spirit….I’m asking to come back as a cat next time – sit in the window all day in the little rays of sun that come through.

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  4. Okay, here’s the thing: You say your dreams are still intact, well then that’s fine, but now I’m thinking of what I dreamt last night and boy oh boy that dream is still intact! [deep breath] for I dreamt I was on a pub crawl with a gnome (not a pretty elf 🧝 a character from The Hobbit, but a ruddy garden gnome) and we kissed {{{hissy sounding laughter}}} I mean, what was I thinking? but don’t we just love it when we wake up thinking “WHAT!? say WHAT!!!??” 😝 😜 🤪 🤨 {{{more hissy laughing}}} 🤣

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      1. You cannot see it, but I’m giving you “The Look” my children run away from. Seriously, why would I be kissing a garden gnome? Is it his bright red hat I am attracted to? Oh wait, Mother used to say “Red hat no knickers” and now look where the dream interpretations are going!

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  5. Whatever triggers those days but I love that you are separating them from the beauty and power of your dreams… oh, I am thinking of a wonderful song. Will post it any time soon😉

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  6. I always try to tell my friends whenever they are going through something in life that they have to take it one day at a time. I know from experiences in my own life, it was best to sometimes take it one moment at a time instead of a whole unit of a day. Lovely read. Positive vibes to you.

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