When I first moved into the village all those years ago I remember going for a walk. No map, no real idea where I was heading. Just went to explore the new locality. Near the farm track in the photo is a path. On that first walk I followed that path. It looked like it was going to take me in roughly the right direction. But with no map I couldn’t check. Guess what. It went in the wrong direction. I got lost and it took me hours to get back home.

Hawklad has been submitting homework studiously all school year. He’s hardly had any marks or feedback returned. He’s been asking me to check his work as he just wasn’t sure how he was doing.

This morning out of the blue he received a very brief teacher comment about a piece of work submitted last week. The first feedback from this teacher in over a year. The comment simply said ‘Spot on’….

Here’s the problem. I had checked that work and it was good but it had mistakes. Some big mistakes. I had sat down with Hawklad to show him where he was right and where he was not so right. We talked through ways to answer those areas better. That’s feedback. I’m sorry but ‘Spot on’ doesn’t help Hawklad. He could end up going into exams doing some things the wrong way. Yes provide praise and reassurance but please also give tips to improve…..

34 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Hawklad has a Superdad who is paying attention. Sorry to hear that his teachers aren’t stepping up to the plate.

    Keep being super. ❤ That was really great and gently worded feedback for teachers.

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  2. You are the doing all the teaching and doing an amazing job of it. Worry not what the school says Hawklad will learn more from you than from school anyhow. You know how to teach him so that he learns. That is what is important. 🙂

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  3. They probably have quotas to fill, like everyone these days and maybe she/he? needed to up her positives. Those quotas have got to go. Whether or not they were a factor here. The lad has one very special Dad.

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  4. I really hate these kind of teachers. Constructive feedback is what helps all of us grow and get better. This kind of feedback is just lazy. I understand your frustration!

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