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Thanks to Rory (Aguycalledbloke) for the tag to Tell a Story from this picture.

Years of excess and debauchery. Ignoring the warnings of the gods. Two more sacrifices not enough to stop the wrath of the gods. Tonight the gates to hell have opened. The earth splits asunder. Spitting fire demons raining down on the sinners. The narrow streets filling with death. The powerful naval fleet powerless to stop the annihilation. At the opulent palace now crumbling into the sea the Governor desperately tries to save his beloved daughter. As the burning suffocating sea of mud rapidly engulfs the remaining soles The Governor forces the slaves to form a human tower to lift his daughter to safety. THEN NOTHING JUST DARKNESS.

1700 hundred years later as the archaeologist dig deeper into the secrets of Herculaneum they reveal this tangled mass of humanity with a young girl standing on top. A moment for ever frozen in AD71 by the eruption of Vesuvius…..


I would like to tag the following to attempt a story from the following picture (only do it if you really want to)

Baffled Mum


Sadje – A life after 50 for women

Tell the story Challenge

Thank you to Kristian for the Tell the Story Challenge Tag.

The guideline rules are. Take the picture provided and write a story, poem or anecdote about it, then tag three others and provide them with a picture of your own.

Looking at the picture above going to cheat and have two goes as the one I can’t get out of my mind is way too short.


Attempt 1 (only makes sense if you have seen a rather major Super Hero Movie recently….)

Thanos wins…


Attempt 2

A little piece of England on this fine summers morning. The rustling of the breeze and the playful sound of birds. Grasshoppers and crickets chirping. The smell so sweet and so calming. A haven for wildlife. An irreplaceable mini ecosystem. So many birds, butterflies and insects appreciating the ample supply of nectar, pollen and seeds. A small lizard basking on the warming rocks. Frogs and Toads croaking in the cooling pond. Sticklebacks darting silently in the dark waters. A rare Red Squirrel already busily preparing for winter. Garden spiders spinning intricate webs. A mouse and a vole scurrying under the green canopy. And yet…

Within weeks the diggers will move in. Complete destruction. Progress requires the building of a new high speed railway. A decision made hundreds of miles away by politicians feeding off the plate of big business. In the name of progress. To save commuters those precious 20 minutes each day. A quick profit. Is the sacrifice really worth paying…. Explain that to this little piece of England.


The most important rule is to have fun.

AND if you don’t fancy having a go, then that’s fine.

I am going to tag


John Malone


The picture is ……

Tell the Story Challenge

Thank you to Pensitivity101 for the Tell the Story Challenge. The story picture is …

I hate being me. I’m always grumpy. I hate being green – why couldn’t I be blue or brown or yellow or white – but no I had to be green. I hate my eyes, can’t find any glasses to fit me. Don’t start me on my feet, how on earth am I supposed to find any shoes to fit. I go to the shop for nail polish and they only sell red, RED – I’ve already got red finger ends. But what I hate most about being a Poison Dart Frog is the fact that everything I touch dies. So I never get to hug anyone. I just have to hug myself….


I would like to challenge the following fine bloggers to write something about the picture below (only if you fancy it)




If anybody else fancies a stab, go for it.

Tell a Story

Thank you to Pensivity101 so much for the tell a story nomination. The picture below has been kindly provided to base a story on.

This took me completely out of my comfort zone. Apologies in advance if it’s not very good – not done this sort of thing before. But it was fun.

The cold icy breath. So cold so harsh. No remorse. No forgiveness. False love.

Imprisoned. Shackled in this world. No release. No hope. Isolation.

Am I trapped within the ring or shackled by wearing it. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters any more. Trapped in a faceless world. A world of grey. A world of nothingness. Constant pressure crushing my body. Restricting my breath. Silencing my screams. That cold breath. Professing love but feeding on my soul.

That is my life, my torture, entombed by that RING.


Well that went somewhere I wasn’t planning. My idea was to make it funny, sort of went a bit off track. SORRY.

I now have to nominate 3 bloggers with the invitation to write a story or poem from my choice of picture, then pass on the invite to another three and their choice and so on and so forth.

Nominations please only do this if you really want to do this. Completely no obligation.

Jean Lee

Cosmic Observation

Emerging from the dark night

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