Thank you to Pensitivity101 for the Tell the Story Challenge. The story picture is …

I hate being me. I’m always grumpy. I hate being green – why couldn’t I be blue or brown or yellow or white – but no I had to be green. I hate my eyes, can’t find any glasses to fit me. Don’t start me on my feet, how on earth am I supposed to find any shoes to fit. I go to the shop for nail polish and they only sell red, RED – I’ve already got red finger ends. But what I hate most about being a Poison Dart Frog is the fact that everything I touch dies. So I never get to hug anyone. I just have to hug myself….


I would like to challenge the following fine bloggers to write something about the picture below (only if you fancy it)




If anybody else fancies a stab, go for it.

53 thoughts on “Tell the Story Challenge

      1. Do you or your son like frogs by any chance? My sister used to collect them and had over a thousand. We had to be careful cutting the back grass in th summer as there were little frogs hopping everywhere looking for a pond we no longer had. I had to chase the chicken who caught one to retrieve it before she ate it.

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  1. I’m honoured to be invited, Dad, but I have my work cut out keeping up with writing my daily diary, responding to comments, and reading those I follow. Your story was a good one, but I’d probably be stuck on Kermit

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