Got a call from some chap today asking for my partner.  Apparently my partner would sometimes do some auditing for him.  Normally when you say “unfortunately my partner passed away a few months ago”, people are really understanding and apologetic.  So I was a tad surprised when this chap responded “well that’s of no help to me at all”. He then slammed the phone down after I said “my partner dying was not really much help to me as well”.

I can take two key things from this strange call.

1)  You will always find bad apples but it’s taken me seven months to find one.  Most people are basically nice…

2)  After a bereavement the world still keeps turning.  The world seems to stop for the bereaved, but not for everybody else.  I know that at some stage I need to rejoin the world again and to stop living in the past.  But maybe not just yet….

5 thoughts on “One bad apple …

  1. I had a guy show up about a year after Nick passed wanting to buy the 1989 Lincoln Mark VII parts car. He was so apologetic. He asked if he could still buy the car. I, of course, wanting to get rid of the stuff in my yard, said yes. A deal was struck that I thought was fair and the car left.

    I cried.

    Another car gone.


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