I was given a Thanksgiving Grateful Blessed tag by MOM LIFE WITH CHIARI. THANK YOU. If I remember my school history lesson -Thanksgiving although a North American holiday has links with England and its Reformation times. On a much much less grand scale we have our Harvest Festivals. I’ve now completely exhausted my Thanksgiving schooling. Doesn’t say much for our education system or more likely my day dreaming tendencies during lessons.


1. List your thankful ABC.

2. Add one theme clip art to your post.

3. Tag 3 people who’d you hope would participate.

My Tags (only do this if you want to)

Cosmic Observations


Blog of a useless mother

My thankful ABC

A – Aspergers/Autism… thankful for the light and inspiration they bring to our world

B – Batman …. for providing an endless source of present options

C – Carl … Carl Sagan – his vision his philosophy his humanity

D – Dreams … we can still dream

E – Earth … Still a beautiful planet

F – Family and Friends … thank you

G – Grief … For constantly reminding me what a privilege it was to have such a beautiful partner

H – Hope … Hope provides a light to guide our path

I – Imagination … So thankful for my son’s imagination – the most amazing thing I’ve ever come across.

J – Journey … Thankful to my parents for stressing that life should be seen as a journey not a race

K – Kiss … Still thankful for every single kiss with my partner

L – Love … thankful for the years of love I enjoyed with my partner

M – Music … so important to so many people

N – Natural World … such beauty such diversity such balance – shows us the way

O – Oceans … a constant reminder of how little we know about our planet

P – Pets … the source of so much joy

Q – Questions …. I know I am the luckiest person alive to be asked all those wonderful questions our son fires at me.

R – Rollercoaster … I’m so thankful I got off that last rollercoaster still attached to all my limbs and backside. Sorry to the family sat behind me who learnt so many new words.

S – Son … my life

T – Trampoline … the Trampoline never fails to bring a smile to our son’s face

U – Umbrellas … Living in Yorkshire I am eternally thankful to the person who invented umbrellas

V – Vegetables … Thankful for vegetables for making my diet much more healthy

W – Wrestling … Wrestling was the only thing which consistently provided an escape to our son during those darkest days

X – x … thankful for the inclusion of x in the alphabet, essential for people like me when buying clothes …. X Large.

Y – Yogi … thankful to Yogi Bear, I loved that bear when I was a toddler

Z – Zoo … I am thankful for every Zoo trip which have so much joy to our son.

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