Day after day of dark clouds and rain. The usual dog walk preparation – about 10 layers underneath at least two layers of waterproofing. Dog caked in mud after a couple of minutes. Then…

In the distance a small band of blue. Quickly the blue sky approached and then the strange yellow disk poked out from behind the clouds.

That’s two sightings this winter – already a record for Yorkshire.

Now rush back home, quick blog then work work work. Hope for no school phone calls today. After that it’s the late Amazon present scramble. I dream of having our son’s (and beloved partners) planning skills.

66 thoughts on “Strange Yellow Disk pt2

      1. Thank you. It is. I wish sometimes for something better than my old camera phone to try to capture it. Have to say today was lovely and does make Yorkshire look stunning. If you can put up with the weather, when it is bad, Yorkshire does have a stunningly moody quality.

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      2. Ummmm…I would imagine that, if they are milk chocolate coated, there would be some D in there. That being said, most conventionally produced milk used in conventionally made chocolate bars…is usually synthetic. Pasteurization destroys milk’s natural properties. They have to add synthetic stuff back in.

        Bon appetit. 😁

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      3. Sorry. 😁

        I gave up milk years ago. I’d like to try some raw but, wouldn’t you know it…NC outlawed raw milk except for pets. And, they put carbon in it to make SURE you don’t drink it.

        Virginia has raw milk sales. South Carolina has raw milk sales. I haven’t checked Tennessee. NC is like a raw milk black hole. 🙄

        I use hemp milk in my cereal. Or coconut milk.

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      4. Green top milk?

        Soy milk? NOOOOOOO. Bad, bad, very bad. Soy should only be consumed fermented. Any Asian will tell you that. Tofu, Tamari, Miso & Tempeh. That is it. Soy anything else, your body doesn’t know what to do with it. Soy oil is terrible, too. Loads your body up with Omega 6s.

        Don’t even get me started on Canola oil…

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      5. Canola oil, in its original form, was used in Canada to lubricate farm equipment. It was toxic to humans. The plants had to be hybridized so that the rapeseed’s oil was consumable. It is nothing more than a cheap form of machine oil. And, just because you cold press ‘organic’ canola or soy oil doesn’t mean it’s good.

        Bad, bad, very bad…

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      6. That is about all it’s good for. Canola & soy are in EVERYTHING. 95% of all salad dressings and mayo are these two oils.

        I rarely eat out because both are cheap and used by restaurants to fry foods. If you want to fry something in a really good oil that won’t break down fast…avocado oil. It has the highest smoke point of any oil in existence…470F. Better than butter, too, tho, I don’t have a thing against grass-fed butter. YUM.

        I cook…a LOT.

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      1. Y’all sound like us, bantering about accents. You should witness a Bostonian & a Georgia Peach make sense of each other. In my state, all by itself, we have the Appalachian mountain dialect, the Piedmont sound, the Virginia border county types and the Coastal Hoi Toiders.

        Other interesting convos are New Yorkers & Texans or, Cajuns & Californians. Very entertaining.

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  1. Yesterday was lovely – today probably was too but I was bogged down with passport applications.
    Anyway, here it looks like there’ll be no more rain till the weekend. Typical!
    I hope you didn’t get a call from school.

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