Monday finishes off with a visit from Santa. It’s about the only event the village has. Raising money for charity. Raising smiles with children. Sorry for the poor photo.

However we never get a dull day.

Nice dog walk completed. Return of the strange yellow thing. Coffee made. Laptop opened. Work commenced. PHONE RINGS.

As Captain Jack Sparrow would say – “Bugger”

So ten minutes after opening the laptop I’m on the way to meet our son at the hospital. Accident at school and a hurt hand. Few x-rays and it’s a visit to the fracture clinic tomorrow.

Back home for some needed TLC for our son. Work day has turned into a marathon movie day. Can we get through the complete Pirates of the Caribbean series in one day. It’s odd watching the movies having now seen Johnny Depp live – playing guitar.

Lord knows when I’m going to get some work done. Maybe a few all night sessions. But in the scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. Now back to Captain Jack and the third movie.

47 thoughts on “Monday Monday Monday

  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for following my blog! Please feel free to drop in for a visit any time.
    Feedback of any type is encouraged! I also look forward to visiting your site more in the future and
    taking a look at your work. And who knows, I might end up giving your blog a shoutout sometime. 😉
    Once again, thanks! And have a great day!

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    1. The new ones have been distinctly average. Son would happily not see them again. Hans Solo movie was ok, he quite enjoyed that one. We can’t watch the last films ending (last 10 minutes) as he loves Vader. Gets upset that he became good just too late in his life. We always replace the ending with a bit of the lego Star Wars. xx

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      1. I know, right? And they could have! The directors of The Lego Movie were originally supposed to direct the Han Solo movie, but then they canned them for “creative differences.” Solo COULD HAVE BEEN GOOD!

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