Thank you to Mws R Writings for the RAKA nomination. You are very kind.

The RAKA rules are:

  1. Copy picture for the award,
  2. Make an acknowledgement to the person who nomnated you.
  3. Write a paragraph or bigger to explain an act of random kindness, you have witnessed, done, or received.
  4. Tag and nominate others
  5. Make sure to tell those who have nominated, that you did.
  6. You can post pictures of random acts of kindness even if you do not want to write anything,
  7. Thanks for participating and making this world a better and thankful place.

Pets can participate as well.

Last night our house had two cats and the mad dog slouched in front of the fire. The dog then got up and trotted to his basket. He fetched a small teddy bear and brought it to the girl cat – dropping it next to her face. He then ran straight back to the basket, picked up a well chewed toy bone and similarly placed it this time next to the boy cats face. Finally he fetched another well loved toy and this time slouched back in front of the fire and started to happily chew. Where did that come from. I was stunned watching it. But that’s one of my Kindness nominations.

My second RAKA happened at the last Newcastle United match I went to with our son. We walked out of the stadium and towards the metro system (the cities Train system). At the escalators a random middle aged man just handed his football programme to our son and just said “there you go kiddo” and then just walked off to catch the train. Completely random and very kind.

Third RAKA is another pet related one. A marathon runner came across an abandoned puppy. She picked up the dog and carried it to the end of the race. She tried to find the owners but failed. Finally she adopted the dog.


I’m going to tag anyone who has a Random Act of Kindness to share. Thank you.

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