I came across this story this morning


Aldi is going to sell some limited edition music themed cheeses.

Sweet Cheddar of Mine – Guns N’ Roses

Pour some Gouda on me – Def Leppard

Wake me up before you Goat Goat – Wham

Thank you Aldi I should be focusing on a payroll spreadsheet and now all I can see is cheesy song titles.

Let it Brie

Go your own whey

For whom the baby bell tolls

I Stilton haven’t found what I’m looking for

Brie quick or Brie dead

Smoked Gouda on the Water

American Cheese Pie

Abbots Gold Rush

Another ADL Brick Cheese in the Wall

Jumping Chilli Jack Flash

Chocolate Stout Cheddar Symphony

Halloumi of the Mountain King

75 thoughts on “Cheesy Music.

  1. Well I’ve an Aldi near by, I need to check out too! By the way nice poem. Hope your son is doing better now, though losing a pet can be devasting. I remember losing my dog πŸ• and losing my own dad at age of 5 … so many loses in childhood!

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  2. Let it Brie is brilliant!

    And, thanks to you, while I should fixing corrupted exchange rates I find myself trying to come up with similarly cheesy song titles. And all I can manage is:

    (Don’t Fear) The Roquefort

    Nothing Compares 2 Danish Blue

    Digressing slightly, I wonder what Mick Hucknall and the rest of Simply Red Leicester are up to these days.

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  3. Sorry, I can only think of “Jessie’s Cheese” (where can I find a cheese like that?), “Cheese In the Attic”, and “Jamie’s Got Some Swiss”. Although cheese isn’t mentioned in the title, I thought “Let’s Go” might be included because of its cheese oriented lyrics. “I like the cheddar cheese better! She said.”

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  4. I guess we could also include “Welcome to the Creamy” by Cheddar N’ Brie. “Welcome to the creamery, we got what you need, we got all the cheese you want, whatever you want to eat. If you got the money, honey, we can sell you brie.”

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      1. Well, like many word play activities, these Colby infectious. But now the words to American Cheese Pie is stuck in my head: “So bye, bye, American Cheese Pie. Drove my Chevy to the deli and ordered cheddar on rye. And good old boys were eating cheeseburgers and fries, singing I’ll eat anything that’s fried. I’ll eat anything that’s fried.”

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