Thinking of spring reminded me of visiting Switzerland at Easter. Came across this photo. It’s amazing how the wild flowers have started blooming, the green has fully returned and yet you still got plenty of snow in the background.

The day before that we took the early train to Gringelwald. Found ourselves stood in 3 feet of snow and battling a blizzard. Then a few hours later eating ice cream and playing crazy golf, toping up the tan.

A contrast of epic proportions.

34 thoughts on “Epic contrast

  1. The green pastures make me think of Cows with bells around their necks… which makes me think of Cow Milk… which combined with Switzerland makes me think of Swiss Chocolate, Specifically Lindt!

    Mmmmmmm… Choco-laaaatttee.

    Huh? What?? Sorry!.. where were we again??

    Oh – yeah, Right. Epic. Epic contrast! Cra-zee weather, eh?

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  2. Beautiful. I live 50 miles north of The Gulf of Mexico. Our climate fluctuates but always humid. We are now in our spring now, which is very short. Only our summers are long. If I could, I would go to Switzerland and visit. ty. :))

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