It’s been a very good year for Daffodils. Flowers lift the heart. So while I set off my Stone Age Laptop to undertake a work task I headed into the garden to plant flower seeds. I have a horticultural tradition now. In September I visit the local garden shop and see what out of date seeds they are selling off cheap. One hour later 8 random and very cheap flower seed packs have been planted.

I returned inside to find the Laptop still apparently busy doing stuff so let’s put the TV on for a few moments. Just in time for the weather forecast.

“During the weekend the warm settled weather will be replaced with an extremely cold frontal pattern. Snow cannot be ruled out. Severe frosts are likely. Gardeners should take note of this Arctic Blast. Maybe delay planting for a couple of weeks”

You couldn’t tell me this an hour ago. Marvellous.

Then the news comes on. Brexit is still a monumental pile of pants – Deep Joy. Everyday I sound more and more like Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppets (sorry).

Anyway is it just me or does our Prime Minister look increasingly like Skeletor from the Master of the Universe cartoon. Sorry Skeletor you were never this self obsessed or so grossly incompetent.

We had a little game the other night. Come up with a list of cartoon characters who would do a better job of Brexit than the current shower of ineptitude – I cleaned this up as I did use two naughty words initially….

So our Cartoon Brexit Replacement Team is:

  • Prime Minister May becomes PM Lisa Simpson
  • Chancellor Hammond becomes Mr Krabby (Spongebob)
  • U.K. Europe Negotiator Robbins becomes Selma (The Simpson’s)
  • Foreign Secretary Hunt becomes Inspector Gadget
  • Brexit Secretary Barclay becomes Patrick (Spongebob)
  • Person responsible for negotiating trade deals – Liam Fox becomes Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
  • Minister for screwing up the Environment Michael Gove becomes Sid (Ice Age)
  • Brexit Buffoon Boris Johnson becomes Elmer Fudd
  • Brexit Twit Rees-Mogg becomes Yosemite Sam
  • Minister in charge of screwing things up Chris ‘Calamity’ Grayling becomes Goofy

I’m sure you would agree our cartoon team is significantly better equipped for the job. Now having sorted out Brexit it’s time to try and remember where I planted those seeds.

45 thoughts on “The new Brexit team

  1. Lol I think you have sorted them out good and proper Gary. I wonder why I find it all so boring though? It’s a bit like a failed party in a. Rewery!

    But on another note – I hope your flowers come up trumps – ooh ‘eck, I better not say THAT word either!!!


  2. The daffodils look blooming marvelous! Wonder if they know what’s (supposedly) about to hit them??

    Your timing Sir, is im-pecc-able! 😉 ( Ath oppothed to de-thpic-able, Duffy Dack, er, I mean Daffy Duck!)

    Thpeaking of which – Thid the Thloth?, Minithter for the Environment?? I mean, Thid, Thorry, Sid is a nice guy with his heart in the right place and all… but he’s got about as much brains as the English guy in charge of the environme….. Ahhhh…. see what you mean! 😉

    (On the Brexit team – the non-cartoon one):
    WALDORF: They aren’t half bad.
    STATLER: Nope, they’re ALL bad!

    See ya Statler, love Waldorf.

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  3. I need to start planting seeds this weekend. Vegetables, in my case, rather than flowers and the compost is already laid. I’m also hoping that my berry bushes survive a bit better this year — last year’s heatwave proved to be too much for them.

    Loved your Brexit team. The current crop reminds me, more than anything, of The Anthill Mob from Penelope Pitstop 😉

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  4. Very good. The USA is in the same condition. I pray for those in our Legal system ( President, Congress and Senate) That those who listen will Choose Christ Jessus into their Spiritual hearts. I also pray this for the world. America and Europe will never rise again, I don’t believe. I pray for you and yours and I have friends in Wales. Love in our Christ Jesus.:)

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