The heatwave is here in Europe but it’s refusing to cross the North Sea. While Bern is getting 34C, Madrid gets 35C and blazing sunshine good old Yorkshire gets drizzle and 12C. So still it’s proper weather.

And so as the weather sticks to my post from earlier today, the system also continues to follow that posts script.

Another day and another system letter. A service we did have access to but which has dried up recently. Today brings the confirmation. Government cut backs so the service provider has to prioritise and our son is currently seen as a low priority. So it’s another service we have to reapply for and go through a new assessment process. It’s just not fair on kids like our son.

45 thoughts on “And still it rains

  1. There’s no end to it, is there? In more ways than one, it seems as if there isn’t enough ‘sun’ to go around for everyone, so already struggling people like you and your boy have to give up more and more.
    I’m going to pray for you again now.

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  2. It’s so frustrating and it’s not nice to hear, or acceptable from them to say he is low priority. Every child deserves a good start in life. I hope you get somewhere with this. But it’s further unnecessary stress for you, that you don’t need.

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  3. No, it isn’t fair … but, there’s next to nothing you can do for the moment but grit your teeth and jump through their hoops. I’ll email you later this evening, for I have something to share with you that will show you that you’re not alone. Hugs!

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