Keep getting asked about the edible ear plugs that appeared in the last post. The Earplug incident happened last year and was mentioned in the Vampires post.

Basically on the way back from a concert I got the munchies in the car. Tried to feel around for a sweet and came across something promising. Unfortunately that promising sweet was our son’s freshly used ear plug. Very chewy…

Laughing about this with our son this morning. Then we decided upon an invention to prevent this unfortunate incident happening to someone else. Why not have ear plugs that automatically self destruct when you take them out. Mission Impossible have been using that tech for years. What could possibly go wrong…..

Then son pointed out the obvious. Why stop people eating earplugs … just make them edible.

So off we went. What food could we use as temporary ear protectors.

  • Carrots – maybe the miniature ones could work. They might even do a bit of ear wax removal at the same time
  • Blueberries – right size but a bit squishy
  • Bake Beans – good size but maybe a full tin might be a bit of overkill
  • Smarties – would melt surely
  • Jelly Babies – maybe one or two ethical issues
  • Bread pieces – wouldn’t last two seconds with the local Seagulls. Plus I’ve seen Hitchcock little family movie – Birds….

Then son killed off the debate. Why don’t we just use miniature marshmallows. Same shape, same size and so much cheaper than ear plugs. When we see Kiss let’s see if we try them out.

36 thoughts on “Earplugs

  1. Count me in……………. love marshmallows, and for those on a fat free diet, they are ideal as like wine gums, jelly babies and liquorice allsorts they have no fat (just heavy on sugar, LOL) Marshmallows are also good on cheesecakes or for making your own Rocky Road with chocolate, digestive biscuits and glace cherries.

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  2. Now I’m thinking of that scene in one of the Harry Potter movies where Dumbledore eats an earwax flavored jelly bean. Yuck!πŸ˜‚
    I hope you enjoy KISS! I saw them back in the 80s right after they took off the makeup, great show!

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  3. Creative and inventive. Don’t think I’d want to stick them in my ears though lol. Wonder if you can get yeast infections in your ears? I get ear infections all the time, so my ears are super sensitive.

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  4. Lol Gary. Love the marshmallows idea. Oh, and our car is ALWAYS full of smarties. I LOVE β€˜em, but the only trouble is,with being blind, I DROP them without knowing, so the bit of floor near to the door is always full of the danned things!
    Thanks for tagging me for the poem on Rory’s blig Gary. I hadn’t realuse abd don’t understand tags, Rory told me about it though and helped me out, so all is done now! πŸ˜€

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  5. Marshmallows. That might work well. Be sure to scrape off the earwax before consuming. Just sayin’…

    KISS is LOUD. I’ve seen them, back when they stopped wearing makeup. Marshmallows will help.


  6. You’re going to see KISS?? – Rock’n’Roll all night (and part of every day)!! πŸ™‚

    Mini-marshmallows was the obvious choice.

    Just a little bit concerned about the extraction though, particularly if either of you work up a sweat? You’ve no doubt seen what happens to them in Hot Chocolate??

    Definitely do NOT use them at a Hot Chocolate concert!!! πŸ˜‰
    (It started with a KISS!!)

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