I’ve not had fan mail for a few months. Last time I managed to upset both a few Donald Trump supporters and several Brexit fans. Since then it’s been very quiet until today. Who would have thought that the word Onomatopoeia would bring them out from behind the sofas again.

My new American friend apparently looked up Onomatopoeia and was horrified to find no mention of a Dinosaur.

Apparently I clearly know Jack Shit about everything and I should get my facts right before spouting my commie views.

Strangely I’ve never met Jack Shit but I must look him up.……. But thank you for such a good laugh this evening. Sorry it’s been such a short friendship but your blocked now. See ya.

107 thoughts on “Fan mail

  1. Yup. Best not to talk politics until you know what side everyone is on. Interesting goings on South of us with #45. I plan to stay out of America for a while. As to Brexit, I expect my friend from Sheffield may have a few thoughts. Looking forward to hearing them. As to Jack Shit, I hear he is a real turd of a guy. Cheers. Allan

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  2. How have you managed to upset someone by talking about onomatopoeia? 😂 Sorry I’m laughing … not at you – at some of the clowns we encounter on the net!

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      1. Gary, just to clarify … I didn’t think that your post was arrogant and unChristian. It’s my comment that bothered me, i.e. referring to people I don’t even know as ‘clowns’. Your post was actually very funny. 😁

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  3. I thought it was great humor. I still believe it was. But I didn’t see anything for anyone to take offense in in your piece. Must read it again. The smaller the mind, the less humor it is capable of maintaining…

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  4. Jack Shit is a cousin of Doodly Squat… I think they’re part of the F@ck All Clan🤔 …just in case you were wondering.
    That’s pretty funny that someone got their knickers in a twist over your dinosaur humor.
    I have yet to receive fan mail of that caliber. It’s sad really. I used to be SO good at irritating people. Guess I’ve lost the knack.

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  5. I have heard on a number of occasions that many Americans just do not get the British sense of humour. Brian May of Queen said in an interview quite a while ago that their song which was intended to take the mickey out of Coro Street, lost them a lot of fans. I don’t remember which song it was, but it was the one with the video where they all dressed in drag. A lot of American fans did not think it was funny and made quite a backlash.

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      1. It isn’t now but the US has been puritanical for ages and at the time they weren’t ready for drag on the airwaves. Even now, some state is trying to outlaw the new trend of drag queens reading to children… make it fully illegal. Just STUPID!!

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  6. Some people are so bored they need to put down others. Thank goodness for the block button. I’d say the dino in your photo looks like it should carry the name onomo??? Sorry, I never learned how to spell it. Or I forgot because I use it so seldom.

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