Sometimes no extra narrative is needed. But this is why we need to keep spreading the message and fighting for our kids.

This is Sir Oliver Letwin – a former Conservative Minister. A former member of the Government. This is what this bigoted prat had to say on BBC radio today.

“There are so many different ways that these networks could be attacked, either by nature or a terrorist attack, or another country attacking us. Or in fact, just some autistic person or some strange youth sitting in some place in the world who’s connected to our network by the Internet and gets in and does something”

130 thoughts on “Vile Words

      1. I am so sorry for that ignorance. The fact that was even permitted to be publicized, is sickening. It is heartbreaking that you have to fight so hard to make sure your son is respected for who he is and what he is not defined by. My jaw dropped when I read that. 😤

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      2. I hope someone steps up and says something and those comments do not just go under the radar in your government. I cannot stand foolishness. He had time to plan what he would say, I’m sure……and those were his choice of words.

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  1. Fine words from a guy whose photo makes him look like an escaped sexual predator likely to be high risk to all livestock animals in the country. “Please… secure your sheep, goats and if you see him pants down in a field call the police immediately”

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  2. Wow… that’s insensitive. I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have two nephews who are autistic. Ignorance definitely makes people say some pretty hurtful things.

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  3. Wow. So autism makes someone a dangerous threat now? The same as a terrorist? Now I have to wonder if he even knows what terrorism is… or if he’s just an ass.

    No wonder we can’t get the needed funding and programs anywhere on the planet, these clodhoppers don’t even understand…or care to understand the challenges of living with autism. He’s scummy enough to fit right in with the bottom-feeders in Washington.

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  4. Well I hope he has to make a public apology for that and gets a ticking off. (which usually is a slap on the hand.. then send em on the way where they continue working where they are and being dicks another day.)

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  5. I call myself a very peaceful person. But statements like that can bring me to a boil. Who does he think he is? But then again, he must have little knowledge to babble such 🐂💩😤

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      1. That’s just so mind boggling – how can people be so ignorant? It truly amazes me that people can make such unbelievable and shocking comments – and especially those holding public office. Ugh!

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  6. Bless be the lord when the lord come the lord will bless be love be humble bless be the lord and I love you all and bless are god because the word is coming share the love fear not to share the love of your heart of god love another but besafe in be love the word is coming

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