It was a long day yesterday. Started off normally but quickly deteriorated. Ending with son in hospital before lunch for tests and an exploratory operation. He was finally cleared to come home after midnight. So a long and unsettling day. Will take a while to catch up with some of your posts and comments, but I will with a bit of patience. Will be a few posts from me but these might be a little shorter than normal.

Take care.

122 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Oh goodness. I hope your son is ok. How unsettling that will have been for both of you. Especially with the current situation. Not somewhere I would want to be at the moment.
    I hope the care and understanding was good from staff involved, in your sons care.

    Take care. Both of you.

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  2. Whoa! Will be thinking of you both, hope he is ok. How scary!

    Don’t worry about WordPress… it will overwhelm you to try to burn both ends of the candle… focus on you and him ✌️

    We will all still be here lol

    Praying for you – hope all is ok πŸ™ {{ hugs }} πŸ€—

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  3. Oh, my, I am sorry to hear about the escalating situation yesterday. I ended up in the hospital with one of my sons several times… although he was not one of the “risky” kids. I hope all is well and your son is doing fine. Recover well from last night, you two!

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  4. Oh no, so sorry that you and Son are going through this. Hold each other close and remember that you have LOTS of support in this virtual community you have done such a spectacular job of creating. We’re not going anywhere.

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