Red sky in the morning, a warning for Gary’s

Gary Gary Gary

The name Gary is supposed to mean hard or bold spear.

There was a time when the name Gary was popular. It once was the 16th most popular boys name in the UK. Not any more. In 2018 it was officially listed as the least popular boys name. These days only a handful of new babies are named Gary. The name is dying out.

Headline from The Guardian

These days you don’t see too many Gary’s making the headlines. In the UK we have a couple of ex-footballers who are big names. Actors – Gary Oldman, Garry Shandling, Gary Sinise. Let’s not forget Spongebobs pet snail – Gary. Starting to run out now.

I don’t know why but I’ve never got round to doing this. Let’s go to The Muppet Movie (2011). One of the main songs most aptly for this blog called ‘Man or Muppet’. AND the main human character, a chap called Gary. Perfect.


69 thoughts on “Man or Muppet

  1. That’s funny 🙂 I guess you don’t hear the name Gary too often. The other names I don’t hear too often anymore, and can’t even fathom calling a child are “Bruce” and “Steve.” They just seem like adult names and none too common anymore.

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      1. My dad is a Robert, and his family was pressuring for my older brother to carry on with the name. My mom was having none of that and named him Ryan. She chose me to carry the name – I am only thankful she didn’t choose Roberta. That would take some getting used to.

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  2. Hmmm…. you know what? I never thought of the popularity of my name, but I don’t remember it ever being a popular name. Usually it’s an abbreviation of Christina. But nope… It’s just Tina. 4 letter names are great though. 😀

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  3. Angela is too popular! I went to school with two other Angies. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    😢😍 we really need a “Happy Tears” emoji! Muppets always get me right in the feels! And Gary is my favorite character on Spongebob! Patrick is a close second. Keep on being a merry, merry muppet of a man, Gary!💌

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  4. I love the name, Gary. I do understand what your talking about. My name is not very popular. .. Kim. To me, it’s such a plain name. And supposedly, it means noble, brave, ruler chief. Lol feel none if those. Look up your meaning .😊

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  5. My name, my father’s way, meant Spear Carrier/Bearer. Wasn’t impressed. I AINT BEARERING NO SPEAR FOR NO GARY, lol. Changed the spelling. Now it means whatever I want it to be. I choose Trailblazer. Fantastic name.
    Went to school for one year with a me. Me was a member of Moby Grape. Who? No, Moby Grape. Was once voted 4th greatest guitar player in the world by Rolling Stome. Next year, nowhere.
    Met a me in jail. He was scary. Never wanted to meet me in a dark alley. I got out. He didn’t, not till I was long gone. Yet really my name isn’t that popular either. Went 25 years not meeting even a half me. Which half? Neither. Then spent a couple years working for a me, wrong spelling. Worst two years of my life! Now I am rawgod. Pure me!

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  6. Lol… you have a name like mine… no one names their kids Patricia 😝😝😝 and I hate it – I don’t even go by that… I drop the 2 front letters – when you add them on there it makes me cringe lol … but luckily there is a Bazillion nicknames so that works for me

    I don’t know any other Gary’s … just you. So that kinda makes you special!

    Gary is not a bad name… like you say “Gary cooper” that makes it kinda hot

    Is it a family name? Why was it chosen for you? Is there a story?

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      1. Hahaha is my moms name too – my mom goes by Pat lol ❤️

        And same… when my full name said – I was totally in trouble

        I go by Trisha – funny how that makes a HUGE difference to us

        The name you are not allowed to call me is Patty lol ✌️ only family – and only the older ones who won’t do any other name 🤨🙄

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      1. Would have been way too dirty lol – but was the first thing that popped in my head … and yes very funny lol – you would have enjoyed lol … but I couldn’t bring myself to say lol

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