Almost feels like winter….

Worlds gone mad. Well this country has.

This morning I was reading a scientific critique of our Government’s partial herd Immunity strategy. To summarise they found the Government’s approach deeply flawed and has resulted in a significantly higher death toll than should have been expected. The report argued that we should have adopted airport controls and checks at 10 months ago. We should have out in place an effective test and trace system. Lockdowns should have been used more effectively. The Governments decision to offer eat out at restaurants vouchers, open up the beaches for summer and ease regulations for Christmas were argued to be catastrophic decisions. The report pointed to the success New Zealand had achieved.

But then the madness starts. The so called impartial BBC Political Chief argued that it was impossible for the Government to do these things. It was also silly for opponents of the Government to compare here with New Zealand as….

New Zealand is an island and Britain is not an island. It’s a Kingdom.

I must go and check out our new found land bridge with Europe then….

If only that was the end of the Madness.

News today that another health contract has been awarded to a close friend of the Health Secretary (the chap awarding the contract). Apparently a close friendship and a personal political donation of thousands doesn’t constitute a conflict of interest!!!

If only that corrupt madness was the end of it.

After almost a year of having zero Covid checks or controls at our airports the Government has suddenly had a change of heart. Now it’s a 10 year prison sentence if you break the new airport rules. Hang on isn’t this the same Government that only a month ago was threatening parents and schools with court action if children did not go into the classroom. Ok so now you can get a 10 year prison sentence for lying on your Travel declarations. Let that sink in. Boris Johnson wants a 10 year prison sentence for people who lie – that’s Boris the serial liar…..

If only that was the end of the Madness.

The Government Numpty in charge of our schools has said that he is seriously looking into extending the school day and drastically cutting school holidays when they reopen. Reopen without any further social distancing or controls. Apparently pupils must catch up academically and that needs hard work. That is the only priority. Remember this chap. He was the one who clamped down on the time off children could have after a family death. He described bereavement leave as an extended holiday.

This might appeal to some but to me it is madness. Already he has slashed break and lunch times to cram in more school work. Let’s flog pupils and staff even more into the ground. No mention of improving the quality or safety of the learning environment. No mention of changing the disastrous national curriculum. No mention of boosting resources to make homeschooling more effective. No mention of offering the option of targeted help. No mention of mental health investment. No mention of a strategy to help with sports and leisure activities.

This island, sorry not an island, Kingdom has gone mad.

74 thoughts on “Gone mad

  1. I am sorry but Hawklad does not need to go back there. The very fact that they have suddenly decided that you are a Kingdom should be enough to I am honestly so perplexed and confused as to where their heads are at. And wow just wow. I do believe you have speechlesseded me.It is a word that I have made up. Hugs to you both and please for sanity’s sake keep that horrid education dude as far away as possible. 🙂

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  2. I totally agree and I used this world has gone mad in the last 2 days on Twitter. A mad world I don’t want to be in.
    This past nearly a year, has convinced me I don’t want to be here.

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  3. What has gone on here is nothing short of appalling. Lunatics and pocket liners and fleecers and contracts to pals and don’t do as I do, do as I says have run this shit show. I can see where they biz of this not comparing to New Zealand comes in though. It is far less crowded, at least 4 hours flight time from Oz, with no world travel airport hub, not run by idiots, who even now don’t seem to see that people will still get here from these red areas, ,far more self sufficient and not a got to blitz my two weeks in the sun place either. In many ways they were in promempositon to nail this . BUT this county could have done a lot better if they had damn well bolted down at the star in terms of airports. hell there were even bits where fruit pickers were coming here to our local bertr area from hard hit Roumania, when people here without jobs cos of lockdown and with their own campers had applied. They were turned down. t.

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      1. Yeah well, we are not paying. Done on it. The idea you need to pay THEM to watch Netflix, Prime, Youtube, is bad enough, the way they lick all over that fat git to keep their fat cat salaries, gie’s me the boak so it does.


  4. So the Kingdom of Great Britain…the British Isles….is not an island? There are too many imbecilities to comment on all, but as for children having to work hard to make up for lost work….that is just ballocks. Most of what kids learn in school is promptly forgotten. I missed all kinds of stuff, the way my education was “managed” but I seem to have got through life so far without issue. Where did all those useless clowns come from? I’m sure they will be breaking all those rules themselves.

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  5. Oh it could be worse ….. 🙂

    No, no, no don’t ask, it would be complete and utter madness to tell you how, that would be crazy with a capital K, for Kingdom of course, my Kingdom for a horse of course, of course 🙂

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  6. I wonder if it’s occurred to the folks running your kingdom that if they had just instituted (and kept in place) at-home schooling, they wouldn’t be facing some of the problems they are. (Maybe they want to call it a Kingdom so they can blame it all on the Queen – although she appears to have more common sense than to allow that)

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