We all need to have dreams. I certainly do. Somedays I really need those dreams to hold on to. Those dreams, maybe the best dreams may feel so far from reality. Almost beyond reach. No life path ever seems to exist that would ever lead you to there. But I still dream.

The dreams tell me that I’m still not complete in life. There are still wonderful things still out there to be experienced.

The dreams tell me to keep moving forward.

AND you just never know what life will bring tomorrow. There is always hope.

23 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I imagine that what you are living is the dream of someone in another country, their far off dream of cool mist, lush green fields, with trees in the hedgerow 🌳 and the sound of birds.

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  2. We need those dreams which are far away from our present reality. As you said, it’s those dreams that give us a break from where we are and then they give us this impulse that there is more to be. Only when we dream beyond the reality we see, we can change the circumstances we are in. Otherwise, we concentrate on what we already have.

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