Yorkshire and it’s still almost summer. That’s about 4 days in a row. Wow.

Not going to complain about that.

Problem is that somedays you don’t get the chance to breathe. Too caught up in the stress. Too focused on trying to roll with the punches. Not feeling in control. All I can do is keep riding the rollercoaster, trying not to fall off. That’s what it felt like today. A struggle. Even a walk was too often filled with worries and that isolating feeling.

But it’s now officially the next morning and I’m still here. I got through the day. Got through on the back of dreams that won’t fade and those who believe in me. Maybe today the sun will shine again but this time I might just sit under its warmth for at least a few moments more than today.

We can do this.

13 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Baby steps, one day, one hour, one minute at a time.
    There is no set plan to get through this.
    All you have to do is breathe, breathe and breathe some more.
    Hang in there x


    1. p.s. Remind me though BABASP, what is we can do? Oh yes this, then this, then more of this and this… in each moment being awesomely part of this. 🌍


  2. I felt that. Those days where I can’t breathe, that there is so much going on, that I’m drifting down the rapids feeling like I’m being pulled from every direction and drowning. I remind myself to take things one step at time, breathe, keep a float, and that’s how to make it through.

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  3. I’ve only just recently discovered you, but I could easily linger here indefinitely; what a special space you’ve created. The design of it, your writing voice, your thoughts and messages, your photos, your community you’ve built here. (Of course I am also biased toward where you live: so beautiful.) Just such a cozy getaway here in it all. Very inspiring too for me as a writer and photographer and nature lover; reading you and viewing your images makes me want to write (even more).

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